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Aladdin Lamps.



Argy Europe.

A&H Metal AB Trademark,  unknown mark, possibly Swedish, on a cooking pot similar to one in Fort Folle, Avoine Historical Fur Trade Museum.   (Thanks to Laurie Southerton).    Swedish Copperware


  Acme  A trade name used by many firms.  For whistles it was used as 'Acme Thunderer' by James and Joseph Hudson & Co., Birmingham.   Marks Ho-Hz
  Adie Bros, , Atlas Works, Soho, Birmingham & 110 Great Hampton Street, Birmingham, silversmiths, (Kelly 1936) and, by 1950, Adie Manufacturing Co., Forster Street, Aston Cross, Birmingham, makers of whistles etc. (K1940).  Photo to follow.
  Adie, Charles Joseph Adie, 156, Warstone Lane, Birmingham, manufacturers of stationers sundries during the 19th Century.   They exhibited ink stands and similar brassware at the Great Exhibition of 1851.    
    Adolph Frankau & Co, 121, Queen Victoria Street, London.  Marks F     




Air Mail – intriguing unknown mark on a stylish lidded brass 4-pint jug of the late 1930s.  The aircraft wing has 'No 678' across it.   
This mark was one of the first on the website and is still unidentified!   


    R G Agnew,  High Street, Guernsey, cream jugs.           Guernsey & Jersey Jugs (Creamers)
    Aladdin             Lamp Makers A-R Aladdin Lamps
    Alderson & Gyde, 183, Worstone Lane & 23 Vittoria Street, Birmingham (1929), 36/7 Hall St., Birmingham 18, brassfounders, good oil and candle lamps pre-1939, then hearth furniture, reproductions, catering supplies.  This mark under a 1952 milk jug.  (see also Sheet Metal Work)                                                                  
      Aldis Brothers, Birmingham,  Makers of signalling lamps and sights.           


    Alford Company Inc., New York, copper and brassware, this mark under a hammered copper jardinière.  More information welcome. 
     E A Allen and Co, (Edwin Alfred Allen) 65, 67 and 68 Mott Street, St Georges, Birmingham, stampers and piercers, trays, waiters, cabinet brassware such as handles, hinges and finger plates. Late 19th/early 20th centuries.   Not to be confused with Ethan Allen, furnishing designers of USA.  Photo to follow.
  Allen Everitt & Sons, Kingston Metal Works, Cambridge St (Wrightson & Webb 1835), then Adderly Street (Kelly 1867), manufacturers of sheets, strip and tubes in copper and brass. (Kelly 1867) (Not in 1816 nor 1903).  This mark found under the drip tray of a candlestick made in India from sheet made in Birmingham. (Photo courtesy Melinda Evans)    
  Allen & Freeman – First listed in Kelly Directory 1906 at 37 Baker Street, 1908 had moved to 75/77 Lombard Street, 1932 took over 73 Lombard Street. 1948 now listed as Carpenter & Allen.  Possibly using ‘Everest’ brand as monogram AF used on syringes. (Notes from Adrian Lanchester-Hale).   





William Avery and Son, Headless Cross, Redditch, near Birmingham, c1860s - 1900. They made steel fish hooks and sewing needles but now have great interest in their range of c213styles of brass needle cases showing tremendous ingenuity, variety and complexity. Ack: Terry Meinke.


W and T Avery, now Avery Weigh-Tronix, Soho Foundry, Smethwick, Birmingham, scales, weights and measures.  Founded c1731, bought out James Watt and Co in 1895, aquired by GEC group 1979.


    A M  Unknown Hardware manufacturer's mark found on a Victorian house bell system bracket.                         



A M & Sons on a cast trivet, unknown maker.  



     Anacortes Brass Works Ltd. Anacortes, Wash USA, established 1970 for the manufacture of emblems and buckles.     



    Anderson Bros, 93, Stockwell Street, Glasgow, coppersmiths, weighing machines. (Glasgow PO Directory 1873/4) This mark on a tankard.

Anderson 11158

Ack: Michael Finlay.


Anaconda Anaconda American Brass Co


Ansonia, Ansonia Copper and Brass Co

  Archer trade mark - Walker, London, makers of bell gauges for measuring knitting needles.  They were amongst some who used an archer in their trade mark.                                                   





  Argy Europe.  This might refer to a business located in Argy, the name of a village in the Department of Indre, south of the Loire Valley in France.  The items seen are very light and look recently made so may have been sourced elsewhere such as from Morocco?  For a time there was an office in London from which a small catalogue was issued.  More  details welcome. Argy product page. 


  Argyle (on teapot handles) - see Hart & Son.   marks_h
  Armac Manufacturing (Brassfounders) Ltd,  traditional and contemporary architectural brass, 160 Dollman Street, Duddeston, Birmingham B7 4RS  Armac was formed in 1929, the name being an amalgam of the two founders, Armstrong and McGrail to give Armac. Armstrong's involvement was brief but Harold McGrail stayed at the helm until his retirement in 1988 aged 83. His son Bryan then took over the reins until his own retirement in 1996 at which point the position of Managing Director was shared jointly between two of Bryan's sons Paul and Mark.  Armac Brassworks is part of a group of companies that include our own foundry – Dunton & Marston Ltd and Frank Allart & Co. Ltd as stand-alone individual companies. We also include Brass Turned Parts Ltd as part of the group although they merged with Armac in 2004 as well as Bentley Brassware who also merged with Armac back in 2003. Add to the mix our newly acquired (2005) distribution company, Martin & Co. and you have the full set!   Mark Photo to come
  ARMAC Brassworks, 160 Dollman Street, Birmingham B7 4RS. tel: 0121 359 4821 fax: 0121 359 4698.  Current manufacturers of architectural and similar brassware.  Some of the dies and tools used  have come from manufacturers now out of business including B. Lilley (Craftsman Range), Bentley Brassware, Mainwaring Brass, Morgan & Marlow and Pearson Page Jewsbury (Peerage).                         Mark Photo to come.


              Army and Navy Stores, established in Victoria Street, London in 1871.  The 'CSL' was added to the mark for 'Co-operative Society Ltd' until 1934.  Since 1973 the store has been part of House of Fraser.  
    A different mark on the base of a candlestick.      



  Art Brass Co, New York. Gotham brand architectural brassware. 



  Askew, Nottingham, further information welcome.  This mark under one of the tankards for which Nottingham was well known.          Nottingham Copper Tankards

  Aston Brass & Engineering Co. Wood Lane, Bromford, Erdington, Birmingham.  (proprietors Valor Co.) Latterly the words ‘& Engineering’ were dropped from their name.  Plumbers brassfounders, (1926 -56 Kelly's Directory)                                             

  Aston Chain and Hook Co. Ltd., 29, Whitehouse Street, Aston, Birmingham, (pre 1907) then in the 1930s to a new factory in Bromford Lane, Erdington, Birmingham, to produce extruded and drawn rods, bars and sections (1937 Kelly), also 'A C' brand tubes.  They were taken over by Enfield Rolling Mills Ltd (c1955) and with them became part of the Delta Metal Group.  Now closed.   

  Atlanta Copperware mark found under a copper tankard made as a commemorative for Durban, South Africa.  This shows the antelope head outline.                                                 Rhodesian Copper

  Atlas Metal Spinning, formerly located in So. San Francisco Ca.  It was started by George Adamis circa 1958 but is no longer in business. (Thanks to Debbie Rutzdk). There is another of the same name in Willoughby, Ohio, USA, still in business.                                



    S Auld, (maker) Glasgow, probably S Auld & Co of 368, Gallowgate, Glasgow (1896), plumbers brassfounders rather than the larger David Auld & Son Whitewell Foundry, 91, Rochester Street, Glasgow, marine and general brassfoundry .  This mark on a whistle. 

  Henry W Auster, Brass Founder, 59, Skinner Lane, Birmingham in 1878 directory. By 1903 the site was occupied by WH & A Bateman, cabinet makers. Photo of a furniture castor by Guido Smoglian, Australia. 


    W T Avery of Digbeth (c1820), then took over the Soho Manufactury of Boulton & Watt, Birmingham, scale and weight manufacturer.  [Avery] Soho Foundry. By W. K. V. Gale, etc. [A history of the Soho Manufactory, afterwards Soho Foundry, Birmingham, occupied successively by Boulton & Watt, and by W. & T. Avery, Ltd. With illustrations]. [Avery?], 1946. Photo to follow.
    Avon,  Avon Coppersmith (c1920s-1940), New York State.  This was founded by Arthur Cole, formerly with Roycroft.  They produced items with good but simpler workmanship.