Makers' Marks Sa - Ss

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Joseph Sankey and Son JS&S.


John Shaw and Son.

William Soutter and Sons.

scottG.W.S & S  mark on picnic kettles made for a retailer in Regent St., London.  G. W. Scott and Sons Ltd. of 144 Charing Cross Road, WC2. They were London Basket makers from 1661 until 1967. They invented the wicker cased picnic set for the great exhibition of 1851. Scotts went on to manufacture thousands of sets under their own brand of Coracle but also they made the bases of more elaborate sets for London retailers such as J. C. Vickery of regent Street, Drew & Sons, Piccadilly and Aspreys. (thanks to David Chaundrey).

S.G.D.G French Copper.



C S W R unknown mark, information wanted.




sageSage, London. unknown mark under a shelf bracket.





salterSalter, G & Co George Salter, scale and balance makers of West Bromwich, near Birmingham, 19th/20th centuries. Now part of Avery Berkel Group.  While most of the casings of scales are made of steel, brass is frequently important for facias and for the moving interior components that need good corrosion resistance and self-lubrication.  The 'Staffordshire' knot emblem was also used in different forms by other manufactures such as Richard Perry.  Records from 1863 onwards are available at Staffordshire Records Office.

  Sanbra Ltd. Sanbra works, Aston Hall Rd. Aston, Birmingham  6, later Conex-Sanbra, part of the Delta Metal Group.


Thomas Sanders Ltd.,  brassfounders, St Mary  Street, Ladywood, Birmingham, 16. (pre 1900-post 1946)  ‘Sanlock’ TM   Elephant Head mark found on a brass cabinet hinge.




sankeyJoseph Sankey & Son  (JS&S) Bilston, Wolverhampton, near Birmingham, 1890-1914 for copper and brassware, other sheet metalwork in GKN Group until the 1980s (For four marks plus Neptune see  Sankey.)



savageSavage Bros Co., Chicago Illinois, mark on a copper  pan with rolled top.  (Thanks to John Mason of Lexington, Ky.)




Saxton Industrial Inc. West Los Angeles, c1950s. This mark under a decorated bowl. Now in Glendale specialising in manufacture of plaques of wood with antique Bronze frames and engraved bronze inserts. 



Schulte-Ufer KG D-59844 Sundern, German maker of cookware founded 1886 and still in business.  Trade Mark 'Planboden' with SUS in a cloverleaf.  (Information courtesy Bill Swartz, Photo Carol Boxell)


scovillScovill  Manufacturing Co, Waterbury, Conn.  USA, from 1802 until c2002. Copper and brass tubes.  The headquarters is now in Clarkesville.Ga. USA. The History of Brass Making in the Naugatuck Valley CESCO BRASS is a supplier of quality, accessories including Scovill brand toilet tank products.

sewardHS mark on a pen tray with No. 392927 Trade Mark registered on 2nd July 1919 to Arthur John Seward, 169, Pershore Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham.  His products are handmade of copper or brass with a hammered finish & riveted joints. Most have been silver plated but some are left copper. Items include candlesticks, bowls, ashtrays, matchholders & what appear to be vase holders. The designs hark back to around 1890-1900 being very Arts & Crafts in style.  (Thanks to Roy and Pat Flello for the information) 

'HS' may stand for 'Homespun', a name used on a range of pewter artefacts that he made.  Arthur Seward had been a photographer's manager before starting his own business.  He retired and left Birmingham in 1921. (Thanks to Paul Seward, his son)   

W. Shackleton of Kendal in The Lake District, Cumbria. Mark on a copper kettle, also found on a bed warmer.  Copper was mined and worked  for centuries nearby with the main headquarters in Keswick .



D Sharples, maker's name found on a hot water bottle.  Further details welcome.





John Shaw & Sons Ltd, Wolverhampton, used a JS&S mark on their blowlamps, etc. Details, Illustrations  John Shaw & Sons Ltd.


sherwoodsSherwoods, manufacturers of oil lamps and burners in Birmingham. By 1904 they were trading as Sherwood Isaac & Son Ltd., but by 1920 they had taken over Linley & Co. of 73-75 Great Lister Street, ‘American’ pattern lamps to become Sherwood-Linley. Nechells Park Works, Eliot Street, Nechells then moved to 44-50, Granville St. For four more marks see: Sherwoods.

hecla Shirleys' "Hecla", Alfred Shirley Ltd.,  82, Unett Street Birmingham, general brassfounders, then 83, Clifford Street, Birmingham B19. By 1946 they were at 35, Woodfield Road, Birmingham 14, then by 1950 at 83, Clifford Street, Lozells, Birmingham.  They made hearth furniture, Hecla™ hot water bottles - see also Orme Evans.  (Marks O P)

Jas Shoolbred was a family firm in Tottenham Court Road making and supplying furniture and furnishings.  It was one of the first there in that speciality, others of course being Maples and Heals.  They gained a Royal Warrant in 1880 for the supply of furniture to Queen Victoria.  Much of their furniture was custom made and of excellent quality.  Their name is also found on furnishings ranging from pottery and clocks to brassware.  This mark is under a bedroom water can that might have been made in Wolverhampton.  (A William Shoolbred was a founder partner of Henry Loveridge & Co.)

Shotton Bros, Halesowen, West Midlands.  Brass Paperweight made by Shotton Bros Foundry for their opening on July 1958. Shotton Bros was incorporated in 1900 at Manchester Street Foundry, Oldbury, West Midlands and later became GKN Shotton Lyd. This marks the move to a new foundry at Lodgefield Road, Halesowen. Their records from 1899 are held by Dudley Archives.



showellEdwin Showell & Sons, Ltd., Lower Loveday St. until 1902, then to bigger premises at Stirchley Brass Foundry, Charlotte Road, Birmingham, founded as Showell and Barnes c1790 but in the Showell name from 1820 and manufactured door springs and architectural brassware. They were taken over by Josiah Parkes & Sons in 1956. 



Crucible mark on cast brass used at times by Edwin Showell on products and can be seen from c1894 to c1928 and probably later (Thanks to Clive Greathurst)



Crucible mark used on rolled brass, this from the plates of a clock movement.





A later Showell mark, together with the symbol 'S' and 'England' found behind the flap of a cast letter flap.





Joseph Showell and Company, Florence Street, Holloway Head, Birmingham,  bush of padlock., c1890. Photo to follow.

siggSigg, Switzerland, mark on a burner for use under a spirit kettle.  A very likely company to go with the SIGG trademark is Sigg AG JOINT STOCK COMPANY SWITZERLAND Haushaltgerate CH-8501 Frauenfeld SWITZERLAND.   

They made electrical appliances for household use, namely table grills, platewarmers, cookers, food dehydrators and food dehydrator trays, pretzel and waffle irons, ice cream makers, kettles, steamers, rice pots and woks with lids; and non-electrical appliances for domestic use, in particular, petroleum and gas stoves and cookers; cooking appliances for the table, namely fondue sets consisting of pot, stand, and heating elements, and fondue accessories, namely burners and spirit inserts; electric meat/raclette grills, and electric plate warmers.  They claimed in their U S Trademark registration for the SIGG mark that it was first used in 1962.  (Information thanks to Pat Dolan)



Skultuna, Cookware made since 1607 by Skultuna Messingsbruk AB, Sweden.Swedish Copperware.



smallwood I and D Smallwood Ltd.,  (Isaac & David Smallwood) Leopold Street, Birmingham, B12, hand tools including spirit levels.  Previously (c1829) John Smallwood had been making coach brasses in Fordrough Street, Birmingham.


smithFrederick J. Smith & Sons, Waterloo Works, 44, Princip Street, Birmingham, plumbers brassware and candlestick makers with a trade mark of a thistle centred within FS & Co.  This mark under Victorian candlesticks of beehive and diamond design.

An ashtray bearing the initials F S & Co, pressed in copper.  May have come from the Manchester firm of Frederick Smith & Co (successors to LEW (London Electric Wire) & Smiths Ltd. of Trafford Park making high conductivity copper wire and rod. Subsidiary of Associated Electrical Industries (AEI).



beaconSmith & Davis Ltd., Beacon Works, Hospital Street, Birmingham, then from 1951 at Beacon Works, Friar Park Road, Wednesbury, Staffordshire.   Beacon Brassware, 'Clipper' products, curtain rails and fittings.


L P Smith & Co of Boston, mark over a Sheffield name and three heraldic symbols.  This mark found under a jug (creamer) of shape similar to a Guernsey jug.



 Smith and Wright Ltd., 180, Brearly Street, Birmingham, buttons.





Smith Craft Co., Vermont, USA.  The Vermont Copper Crafters in Townshend, Vermont, was founded in 1946 by Harry and Leonore McIntosh. The company’s original name was "Smith Craft Co." but was changed to "Vermont Copper Crafters" early in 1948. The company ceased trading in 1951 during the Korean War. Mr McIntosh worked for Craftsman, Inc. for a short time before WWII, and the influence is clear.  (Details courtesy Bruce McIntosh and  Susan Walter)





Soho Brassfoundry, Sovereign Hill, Ballarat, a historic gold mining town in Australia. 

It was founded in 1856 and had good relations with the Boulton and Watt 1796 Soho Manufactory in Birmingham.  






It was re-established 1972 for manufacture of castings and spinnings but the foundry business closed in the 1980’s.

This is from a sheet brass souvenir.





William Soutter & Sons Co.,– (Soutterware) -    10, 11 and 12, New Market St, Birmingham, then Form St..  Originally brass founders and plumbers brassware (1870s) , then quality copper and brass holloware.

 S S & Co.  Probably Stamping & Spinning Co., of 81, Bishop St., Birmingham who specialised in lamps, fenders, chandeliers and holloware in the late 19th century.  They made holloware similar to Soutterware. 

sternau'SS&Co.' was also used by S Sternau & Co., USA.Marks.






sperrynSperryn & Co., Ltd., Moorson Street, Birmingham, makers of gas and similar fittings.  This mark 'S&Co. Ltd.'  is on an oiler.


Norman & Ernest Spittle, Birmingham.  This mark found under a well made copper dish.  Further details welcome.


Spraygen -  see R Harris (Brassfounders) Ltd. Marks.



Spring, Switzerland, copperware including fondue sets, more information welcome.




squireSquire -  Henry Squire & Sons, Willenhall, West Midlands.  The firm was established in 1780 by William Squire and has been owned and run by his descendants ever since. They were proud to be included on the Admiralty List of approved contractors for many years, together with the lists of the India Office and HM Office of Works.

Gazetteer of Lock and Keymakers by Jim Evans.

James Srawley, 116, Branston Street, Birmingham, (1887) later Srawley Browett Co, (1900) ornamental coal vase hinges and handles.

Super Materiam Ignis Triumphans Smit and Co., diamond merchants. Super Materiam