John Wilkinson Ironmaster of Broseley


John Wilkinson Family

Michael Berthoud, J Wilk Soc 17 1995

John Wilkinson Heritage

by Vin Callcut, BLHS Journal 33, 2011

Ironmaster Extraordinary

Ron Davis, 1987, original book text without illustrations.

King of the Ironmasters

Wayne Turner, J Wilk Soc 1, 1973 and 7, 1979

The Lawns - Wilkinson's Broseley Home

Ralph Pee, J Wilk Soc 1 1973

John Wilkinson Copper King

Wilkinson's Copper Interests (Continued)

Vin Callcut, BLHS Journal 27, 2005

John Wilkinson Tokens

Wayne Turner, J Wilk Soc 2 1974 and 7, 1979

John Wilkinson Token Weights

From 'Wilkinson - Copper King' - Yet to be uploaded

Wilkinson Bicentenary Tokens

commemorating John Wilkinson (1728-1808)

Willey Ironworks

Ralph Pee and Maurice Hawes, J Wilk Soc 16, 1988

New Willey Ironworks

Ralph Pee, J Wilk Soc 9 1981

John Wilkinson as seen by Others

Neil Clark, J Wilk Soc 12 1984

Joseph Priestly and the Wilkinsons

Diana Clarke, BLHS Journal 34, 2012

John Wilkinson and the Improved Steam Engine

Jim Andrew, BLHS Journal 31, 2009.

John Wilkinson's Transport Interests

Neil Clark, BLHS Journal 30, 2008

The Wilkinsons at Bersham

Steve Grenter, BLHS Journal 30, 2008

Iron Ships in Green Fields(1777-1833): Wilkinson's Legacy

Richard Baker, BLHS Journal 30, 2008

John Wilkinson's Trade Connections

Eric Alexander, BLHS Journal 30, 2008

The Significance of the Women in John Wilkinson's Life

Frank Dawson, BLHS Journal 30, 2008

John Wilkinson and the Medical Use of Ether

Paul Luter, BLHS Journal 29, 2007

The Quarrels of the Brothers Wilkinson

Frank Dawson, BLHS Journal 26, 2004

The Spirit of the Age: Ideas and Movements of the Eighteenth Century and John Wilkinson

Diana Clarke, BLHS Journal 24, 2002

Beaumaris and John Wilkinson: Stragers or Fellow Conspirators?

Ruth Dodd, BLHS Journal 22, 2000

Thoughts on John Wilkinson and Bradley

Ron Davies, BLHS Journal 21 1999


More John Wilkinson Literature

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Researching John Wilkinson Literature

Manuscript sources in public collections:

Birmingham Reference Library: Boulton & Watt collection

Correspondence with John and William Wilkinson List of John Wilkinson's engines

British Museum: Egerton M.S. 1941

Annotated drawings of John Wilkinson's blowing engine of 1776

Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust: Lilleshall Company Collection

Leases, agreements and map relating to Hollinswood, Snedshill and New Hadley Ironworks

National Library of Wales: John Wilkinson's Estates

A volume containing balance sheets of Wilkinson's estates, 1820 - 23 (MSS. 10822E) A group of accounts relating to Wilkinson's estate, 1825 - 31 (MSS. 18023E)

Shropshire Record Office: Forester Collection (1224)

Leases, accounts and correspondence relating to John Wilkinson and the New Willey Company. Shackerley Collection (1781): correspondence of Gilbert Gilpin with John and William Wilkinson

Warrington Public Library:

Priestley Correspondence Letters, chiefly written to John Wilkinson by Joseph Priestley.

Books and articles

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Inventions and Patents

Wilkinson was the first to realise and to obtain the accuracy needed in the making of modern machinery[93].  His inventions and patents included:-

675/1753         Metallic Rollers for Grinding Grain and Sugar Canes

713/1757         Blowing Machine for Forges, Furnaces Etc.

                        Method of boring cylinders for steam engines using a boring bar supported by bearings each side of the work piece.  This technique was not patented and was copied by Coalbrookdale and by Banks and Onions among others.  He helped design the new lathe at the Soho Manufactory and provided a suitable boring bar from Bersham[94].  

1063/1774       Method of Boring Cannon including making a coreless or solid casting and mounting it to rotate round the boring bar.  This was such a strategic advantage that the Board of Ordinance had the patent revoked in 1779[95].  All founders used the Wilkinson method for years thereafter and it was a major contributor towards the defeat of the enemies of Britain.

1694/1789       Cutting Spiral Grooves in Bore of Cannon (Rifling) and Bolted or Winged Shot applicable thereto.

1857/1792       Rolling Metals, the use of two steam engines, one for each direction to give a reversing mill, alternately the use of one steam engine with bands operating on the up and down strokes.

1993/1794       Manufacture of Iron  (use of a new furnace lower than a blast furnace and the addition of Manganese).  This use of manganese was also later patented by Reynolds in 1799[96].

1799                New idea for a Chimney Boiler, beautifully coloured drawing given to William Reynolds, drawing No 47 in the possession of John Randall, 1880[97].

                        First to make iron chairs, horse pattens, vats for breweries & distilleries and iron pipesof all sizes[98].

                        First Iron Boat. 



























































Broseley t.