Unknown Motifs

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ankh Unknown version of the copper 'ankh' motif used by a coppersmith under a hammered bowl.  Possibly Roycroft.  Help welcome. (Ack. Michael Novotny)
neptune of sankey The ‘Neptune’  mark was used by Joseph Sankey & Son  Bilston, Wolverhampton,  Probably the ‘Neptune’ mark was used instead of 'JS&S' when retailers needed to avoid price comparisons with others.
sanders elephant Elephant head used by Thomas Sanders. Marks S.
loveridge This monogram is on many items but not easy to identify unless you know it is the 'HL' of Henry Loveridge and Co..
Russian eagle This double headed eagle is from the old Russian coat of arms. It is often found on items made in Tula. This is especially true with samovars where the maker's marks and exhibition medals are also frequently present.
Intricate small monogram in an anchor found on three edge of a copper vesta holder and the front of two other trays made from copper from HMS Foudroyant commemorating Horatio Viscount Nelson.   
rr mark Unknown Maker's mark under a trivet.  (Ack Harry Dudley).
greyhound This head found under a small cast brass animal figure. (Photo Gayle DeGregori).
hammer Hammer and hand trade mark under an oil can.  Help welcome
lion Rampant lion and 'G' plus cross in a shield surmounted by a crown. Mark on brass oil lamp wall lights.  Information welcome (Photo from Peggy.)
sphinx Very small mark found on a Victorian string box showing a lion over an 'E'. Probably Erhard, Germany.
cockerel Cockerel found as a maker's mark on a French saucepan.  Information on maker welcome. (Photo from Sarah Foulis)
cobre Bulbous vase with a fish mouth. (Photo from Carol Hearn)  see Cobre (ID thanks to Fred Zweig)
alex mark First of two marks found on a rectangular copper plate.  Information welcome. (Alex)
alex 2 Second mark found on the same copper plate.
fylfot Unknown mark on tableware dish , c1900. The fylfot, had been used since the bronze age, long before the swastika sign was adopted by a political party. More information welcome.
jhc JHC ? Religeous mark.
hand israel Hand mark made in Israel.
hand Hand mark, unknown, found under a 1930s brass jardiniere.
mvc Marks found on a copper tray with pewter decoration, courtesy of Berne Hannon.
fleur de lies The Mark is an old fashioned hand holding 3 plumes or fleur de lies and the item is also stamped Prov Patent No' 27762/26. Found on a large copper bowl. (Photo from Elliott Moran)
wagner Mark under a German made copper pot of 1930's design made by Wagner. German copper.
cupid Mark on a vase which also has the letters 'FRE' to the right (photo: Cherie Elliott).
house This mark under a small pan.  (Photo: Nicogirl)
crescent arrow Untraceable arrow and crescent mark from under an art nouveau stamp box.  Information welcome.
crown Unknown characters over a crown, mark found under a brass vase with snake shaped handles.  Information welcome.
stork Motif of bird of stork type with legs forming 'A'.  Under a square tray. Information welcome. (Ack Jim Reid)
lion Lion mark on a pair of 16 in. tall brass candlesticks (James D. Henderson).
horse head Plumed horses head (Andrew Crawforth)
cross On same item as above (Andrew Crawforth)
'XX' mark under an old cast brass trivet.
L Canada 'L' mark in a diamond under an impressive decorative bowl also engraved 'RYC' 1935 I Pr. Obtained from Canada.
'FW' beneath a candle in a diamond motif under a brass letter rack.
Hand made German copperware.
Mark on a copper hot water bottle with Hermetic Depose B.P.B. Lyon.
S and A on a two-branch sconce.
A crane bending over to drink from an urn with 'E''D' either side of Paris?
Two mice rampant either side of 'G.A.' (Wouter Onrust)
'MO' mark under a tray together with German 'DRGM No 316276'. (Adrian Johansson)
HAGC mark under a candlestick (Sarah Tonge)
Soutter Soutter mark, clearer than many. Soutter.
Unknown coppersmith (Shawn Hoey).
Mark on brass bowl. (Kathleen Leo)
W and P B (Birmingham)
phoenix Phoenix on Copper
WB and R (Neil Bollen)
celebrate Found under a 'Peerage' item - to celebrate which event?