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Coseley Brass.

Croft and Assinder.

Coalbrookdale, well known for cast iron from the start of the Industrial Revolution in Ironbridge, also seem to have cast some of their decorative dishes in brass.  The definition on this casting is not of their usual high quality, the item might be a reproduction. 


Cobral  England, mark on hand beaten domestic jug.   More information welcome.






Cobre (Spanish word for copper).  This trade mark is used by the cobrePurepecha Indians of Central Mexico. In the 16th century, they were found making domestic implements from copper from local, surface mines.  With the mines now exhausted and closed, the coppersmiths use recycled sheet.  Cobre  (ID thanks to Fred Zweig)




 Copral, Portugal, mark on a modern tinned copper mould.copral


 James Collins, 26, Cumberland Street, Birmingham, brassfounder founded c1829.  Trade mark collinsis an arrow through a hoop.  James Collins developed the solid drawn brass hinge.  There was a serious fire in 1947 and the firm moved to a works near Salford Bridge.

 Actual mark found under a sliding bolt for a cupboard door.

This may be another version of the logo as used on a product.   It was found under a cast brass stand that was found with a Clews toddy kettle.









 Confesilios, Bogota, Colombia, one of many organisations making quality tableware in South America.



H.S Cooke & Co., 116 Northwood St., Lakeside, Redditch, Birmingham, still making springs Trade name ‘Protex’ oilers



Cope and Timmins Limited,  Icknield Square, Birmingham, cabinet brassfounders and art metal workers. (Pre 1900 - pre 1936)

  Coppercraft Guild, Taunton, Mass., copperware for the home, now Home Interiors.  (for Coppercraft, see also Gregorian Copper).




Copper Craft, Guernsey - see Guernsey Jugs



Copper Development Association Inc., NY.  Copper quality mark







Copperworks, California, quality architectural rainwater goods.  The name is also used by others.



The Coseley Brassfoundry, White Street, Coseley, coseleyStaffordshire.




Coventry Craft, Chicago  This mark found under each of a set of 1930s/1950s copper mugs.





Cox Wilcox and Co., lamps and stoves.  Cox Wilcox & Co. Birmingham-Lampmakers/ Retailers.   Cox,Wilcox & Co.,  Ten Acre Works 1117 Pershore Road, Stirchley West Midlands B30 2YL

Craftsman Copper, Craftsman Studios Company of Los Angeles, California.




Craftsmen Inc., renamed from Craftsman Studios Company of Laguna Beach, California by 1929.  The logo changes somewhere between design No 820 and No 834 with incorporation in 1959.  The Laguna Beach building was destroyed by flooding in the 1960s.  (Information from Sandra Shrader) 

Some say the "CS" is the early Craftsman Studios mark (The "S" is inside the "C"). It's very similar to the mark of Carl Sorensen. (Thanks to Paul Munshower)

Crane Foundry, trivets, irons, door furniture and other hardware, Wolverhampton.


 Crane Industries, Crane Ware, a division of The Hercules Cycle and Motor Co. Ltd., Manor Mills, Aston, Birmingham 6. with offices in London and Manchester. 'Makers of distinctive and useful reproductions in brass.'  Some of the items in their 1933 catalogue were subsequently made by Pearson Page Jewsbury (Peerage).


Croft and Assinder (C & A),  founded 1875 at Standard Brass Works, Angelina St. Birmingham, now in Lombard St. and still in production of hardware.  Associated with the 'Lombard' brand name. Croft and Assinder page.

Currie & Warner Ltd., Summer Hill Works, Powell Street, Birmingham, B1 3DH, brassfounders since before 1855 and still machining brass.  This mark cast under the base of a piano sconce.


Cycle Components Mfg Co Ltd. Birmingham, makers of accessories such as brass pumps.