Oldcopper Special Topics

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Topic Introductions

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Birmingham Topics

The 'Home of Metal' had thousands of founders and fabricators of copper and brass. Here are a few notes on some of them.


Metalworking and Finishing

A brief guide to some of the practical methods used in making domestic products.


Area Specialities

Some of the topics are located in special areas.


Copper Ores and Products

Look here for some interesting topics.



HMS Victory Copper and Brass

A section devoted to the famous ship and the many souvenirs produced in commemoration of both the ship and Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson.


Industrial Souvenirs

A special collection of notes and illustrations on some of the promotional items made by refiners, founders, fabricators and a few others.

Topics to Come

Candlesticks, Kettles Spirit Kettles, Match Box Vestas


Broseley Archives

Scanned early numbers of journals and notes relevant to the 'Broseley Local History Society' and its 'Wilkinson Society' predecessor.