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t and t Townshend and Thompson,  Ernest Street, Holloway Head, Birmingham. Brassfounders during the 1880s, forerunners of Townshend and Company. 

They used the 'T & T' mark and registered several interesting designs such as  26,022, 78,491 and 79,557 for cast patterns and paperknives, all dated 1897.  This illustration is taken from underneath a decorative candlestick.  The 'T&T' mark can also be seen under copper kettles.


Townshends Ltd (T & Co) name used from c1890, then Townshend Art Metal Co.,  Earnest St, Holloway Head, Birmingham, quality brass foundry and copper and brass art metalware such as holloware and tableware for up-market retailers.

t and co'T & Co.' - early mark of Townshend and Company, not to be confused with a 'Tiffany' mark on a candlestick.



townshendThis mark on a paper knife shows 'Townshend & Co.' in full.


acanthus The ‘Acanthus’ and ‘Gongs’ trade mark seems to have been used only for a short-lived period after 1894 for the production of a distinctive pattern on copper and brass sheet.  This metal was significantly harder than most previously used for products made from sheet and strip.  Products found so far are mostly trays trays of various shapes with distinctive heavily deckled edges.  The sheet was also used for the production of fireguards, gongs, cake stands, crumb trays, pipe racks, jardinières and candle sconces.  Several designs numbers were registered such as 226030, 226031, 226032 and 226033  but the details of the designs are missing from the relevant 'Representations' file of the National Archive.




crumb tray


A Townshend 'Acanthus' Trade Mark almost hidden in the decoration on a crumb tray.




 - and this one rather clearer on the handle of a copper tray even though it has been double struck.  The registration number is that of the 'Acanthus' trade mark. See Townshend Acanthus page for more examples.


townshends ltd 

The art metal market may not have revived after the 1914-18 war.

townshend coBy 1926 they are listed as only makers of electrical heating appliances and by 1935 for shop display fittings. 




chromocraftTownshends Ltd. 'Chromocraft' stamp found under a chromium plated art deco brass vase.






The origin of the Townshend name has not been identified. In Wrightson's Birmingham Directory for 1818 there is an entry for C & L Tompson in Duddeston St., makers of brass candlesticks, tea-bells, fender ornaments, mortars and pestles, etc., etc.  John Townshend of Bridge Row is listed as a cut nail manufacturer.