Unknown Marks D - K

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d and s 

D & S  Unknown mark found under a small pressed brass jardinière.





DM and a hammer unknown mark found under a Dutch copper kettle.



dmc co

DM Co – unknown coppersmith mark on Australian or American copper tray.






Eclat  unknown mark on table lighter.




'E' in a circle with 'Made in England', unknown,  information welcome.





FAIB, unknown mark on copper tray.




gad mark

GAD – unknown mark, it has been up for recognition for about ten years.




glanderG under a hand , - Mike Glander, coppersmith, USA.   Photo by Clive Lloyd.







hand mark

Hand mark, unknown. Is this also Glander?




jones Bros


Jones Brothers & Co.,Ablow St., Wolverhampton.




GWG mark of unknown British coppersmith.






R. Greenlees & Co. mark on a tea caddy.  The extra 'G' stands for Glasgow. 'G'




Entwined 'G & H' with a British registration number found under a copper pot.  There are also the initials 'LD' at the top.  Rd No 473871 of 1906 was issued to Samual Heath and Sons.





HS, HS mark on a pen tray with No. 392927 Trade Mark registered on 2nd July 1919 to Arthur John Seward, Birmingham. 





MJH monogram for Matthew Hart & Sons see Marks H.



cj monogram

CJ initials with 'Handwerk' (handmade) on a Dutch copper dish.  Further information welcome. (Ack Richard Kilbourne)




Kabyle This mark under a kettle made in Arabic style. The underneath is marked with Rd No 264447 of 1895 and trade mark of a crested shield quartered with BP&S initials surrounded by 'Established 1835 London'.