Brass Maker Souvenirs

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5076 6034         A pair of cuff links and a diecast brass key ring showing the Swedish crown and the founding date of 1607 for Skultuna, a name that is still in use for domestic products.


2676   Many unusual or miniature items have been called ‘apprentice pieces’ for want of a better description but this pair of bookends have an undeniable provenance as test pieces. 

gear 2Manufacture of this type of component calls up knowledge of gear cutting and other skills needed by the US Navy in a repair shop.  Each is made from two parts.  There is a fully machined gear section mounted on a toothed rack milled from brass bar stock.  The left side is neatly engraved: ‘Machinery Repairman SchoolUSNJC San Diego 33, California’ and the other: ‘Edward J. Harner M.R. Class No. 16-58’ and both are well finished with pride.  Each is 120mm (4¾”) long and weighs nearly 770g (1lb 11oz).

pen holder

pen base







1165      Swedish promotional penholder made from extruded brass rod of hexagon section cut diagonally from 50mm (2") across flats, and polished.  Boliden makers mark 'B' and 'F' either side of rod in a circle. 90mm x 50mm. 390g.  (Metallwerken, Vasteräs) 




1299      Promotional brass anvil inscribed 'To Forge our Friendship, Luther R Doebler Wolverine Brass Representative'


hutmen mortar

hutmen logo







2406      Pestle and mortar.  An international copper standards (ISO) meeting was held in the works of Hutmen Brass Works in Wrotslav, Poland in 1977.  During his welcoming address before the meeting the company chairman gave each delegate a pestle and mortar, saying ‘If you find that you cannot agree on something, put the different ideas in the mortar, grind them together and then pour out the ideal compromise!’


2513      MUELLER BRASS ANVIL, PORT HURON, MICHIGAN.  The company was incorporated in 1917 in Port Huron, Michigan and is still providing plumbing supplies, extruded brassware and a variety of other products.




1303      Ampco paperweight.  American Metal Products Co was founded in 1914 by August Littman who developed an extra-hard copper-aluminium alloy, aluminium bronze.  Since then they have specialised in meeting demands for high strength, low magnetic susceptibility, spark-resistance and electrical conductivity.  The paperweight is a miniature of a heavy duty bearing and is marked 'Ampco 18-136'.