Leon Jaeggi and Sons

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Leon Jaeggi &Sons, originally from Switzerland, cookware manufacturer in London from 1919 until 1980s with shops in Dean Street, Tottenham Court Road and still at 77, Shaftsbury jaeggiAvenue (Tel 020 7434 4545), now at 2 Norfolk Drive,  Fairwood Industrial Park,  Leacon Road, Ashford  TN23 4FBAshford, Kent.  Also at Leon Jaeggi & Sons, Unit 2, National Works, Bath Road, Hounslow, TW4 7EA. (Tel 020 88140268)







This mark is from a late Victorian saucepan with the base inserted by a cramped (dovetailed) joint.  It may pre-date the London manufacturing facility.




The later mark used post WW11 when the main factory was in Staines, near London.










Jaeggi & Sons Ltd., manufacturing coppersmiths of London and Staines.








A suspect mark with similar flags but with the name misspelt and no date.  The quality of the sauté pan did not look up to standard.