Bodill Parker

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Bodill & Co., Ltd., Broad Street Metal Works (1886) then Bodill Parkerc1899, Later bbodill parkerreorganised as Bodill Parker (1922) Ltd.,  Albion Works, 33 & 36, Great Hampton Row, Birmingham, cabinetmakers brassfoundry, button sticks, sail eyelets, nails and pins.

Bodill Parker was formed by two families the Bodill and Parker families who were also joined by marriage..  William (Sr) Bodill set up or took over and ran a brass works which they called Bodill & Co., Ltd. ,Broad Street Metal Works.  This I believe was primary for his son Joseph before he died of TB in 1865. William (Sr.) also died in the same year, so William Sr. oldest son William carried on the business until it became Bodill Parker when his nephew William Bodill Parker joined the business in 1882.   Later after the death in 1910 of William Bodill Parker the company reorganised as Bodill Parker (1922) Ltd.,  of Albion Works, 33 & 36, Great Hampton Row, Birmingham,   The company is still trading today as the Bodill Parker Group but has moved to Tipton in the West Midlands.  William Bodill Parker was my great Grandfather.   (Thanks to:  Adam Burns-Mace).

Advertisement in a 1951 journal.






These photos were probably taken about 1939.

They were sent in by Amanda Horton (nee Dodd)