Rabone Chesterman

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J. Rabone & Sons, Hockley Abbey Works, Whitmore Street, Hockley, Birmingham, instrument rabonemakers. see:-

'The First 200 years: A Short History of Rabone Chesterman Limited', Douglas J. Hallam. Rabone Chesterman, 1984.



This seems to be the earlier Rabone trade mark or perhaps it was used for other retailers.


Rabone Chesterman  In 1963 they merged with Chesterman of Sheffield to form Rabone rabone chestermanChesterman, and since 1984 is now part of Dial Engineering with Stanley Tools and other brands.  This mark was used after the amalgamation and continues the use of the three triangles of Hockley Abbey. 


Chesterman, Sheffield trade mark before the amalgamation.