Unknown Marks A - C

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Air Mail – intriguing unknown mark on lidded 4-pint jug circa late 1930s.  The aircraft wing has 'No 673' across it.  





a stork


Image of a stork with legs forming an 'A'.




amsA K & Sons on a cast trivet, Kenrick. 




A M  Unknown Hardware manufacturer's mark found on a Victorian house bell system bracket.






CA or AC unknown monogram found under a thin German copper jug of mid 20th century.





frankauAdolph Frankau & Co, 121, Queen Victoria Street, London.  Marks F





ga mice


G.A. mark on a tinned copper vessel, possibly Dutch (wouter onrust)




Cross over a bridge mark with 'A ST. (W M Bruder)




b mark


‘B’ mark on tankard





Battle Brand, G W Pearce & Sons Ltd., 158 Chester St., Birmingham 6,  (Thanks to Brian Hunt)  Marks B




b ltd



'B  Ltd.', unknown mark on a brush



b germanjug


'B' mark enclosed in a jug, mark on a German jug of c1900. (Courtesy Mary & Tom Reed). [This is the early mark of the Vienna bronze founder Franz Bergmann. Started around 1860 and the company worked well into the 20th century. (Thanks: 'Tom' of 925-1000.com)


B L & S (Sons) mark on furniture handles (photo Andrew Guion). see B Lilly & Sons,  


cb mark



CB  Handcrafted, Made in England, unknown mark found under plain copper and brass dishes that have three ball feet. 



lb hex


LB makers mark together with Rd No 21540 on a tray with foliate design.


lb hexag


LB similar mark found under a 1930s brass vase.




A-hammer-A Berry, Albert (see Marks 'B')



sbSB with crown and 'No 3'  mark under a candlestick. Swedish Copperware 


purely british



Purely British mark unidentified.




gb mark


Griffiths and Browett Marks G.





C & M  Mark that appears in an oval together with the year of manufacture on the maker's plates of several manufacturers of products such as jugs and blowlamps. It is said to be the initials of a copper and manufacturers quality assurance.

lc french markL C  fouled anchor mark from France.


Cobral Ware  England, mark on hand beaten domestic jug.