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Poland has copper mines in Lower Silesia in south-western Poland with a significantly commercial tonnage of primary copper, some for export.  For many years Poland has of course had a metal industry producing plenty of copper and brass domestic items for home needs but little of this has been seen in Britain. 

I would be very glad of further information and photographs of Polish domestic copper and brasswares which will be used with acknowledgement.


Polish Copper Centre etched souvenir ankh button.  The centre is based in Wrocław. Ankhs.


Copper vase that stands 10.5 inches to rim, inscribed in French on the base: 'Produced by the Polish invalids for the Industrial Museum of Krakow 1925-1926.' The collar has a similar inscription that would appear to be in Polish.

mThat expanded 'M' appears on the sides of public trams in Krakow so I assume that it is the City monogram.

hennebergB. Henneberg was a skilled Jewish Polish metal maker.  The firm was bought out by WMF (Württembergische Metallwaren Fabrik) circa 1900.


Tablemat made of two thin copper sheet laminated to an insulant 'Wrocław Zhpmn Hutmen on one side, KTO Przysercu meidznosi okardiamid nie prosi on the other. 'Who in the heart of the copper wears okardiamid not ask'. (Better translation please!).

hutmrn pin

Also shown is a pin tack by Hutmen SA and the logo from headed paper in use during an International meeting that they hosted at rheir brass works in hutmen headerWrocław in 1987.

kghmKGHM  (Kombinat Górniczo-Hutniczy Miedzi Polish Copper) is the brand of the main copper producer of Poland and one of the largest in the world.  Their main base is in Lubin in south-western Poland.  This is the top lid of a high quality promotional box.