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Guests Brass Stamping.

 'G' under a hand , - now Glander Ornamental Iron Works, 1580, Cold Springs Road, GlanderSaukville, Wisconsin 53080, special sheet metal works.  The firm was formed by Erhard Glander in 1932 originally in West Allis, Milwaukee after arrival from Germany as a coppersmith during the 1920s.  He  specialised in copper and brass artwork. Glander page.






GWG  mark of unknown British coppersmith who made good quality gwgsmall items in 1930s style.  Fairly common still. Information welcome.




G.W.S & S  gws and smark on a picnic kettles made for

G. W. Scott and Sons Ltd. of 144 Charing Cross Road, WC2. retailer in Regent St., London.

Percy Gabriel & Co, founded as a brass foundry in 1884 at 4 & 5 gabrielAB Row, Birmingham, making brass components including oilers.  A modern replacement factory on the same site was started 1935, finished in 1940 and blitzed shortly afterwards. They moved to Tyseley in 1996 and now specialise in stainless steels.  




GAD – unknown mark on a small jug, more information welcome.

Garrison, Trademark of Newton, Shakespeare and Company Ltd. Birmingham.  Marks N

gaskell chambersGaskell & Chambers Ltd. (incorporated with Yates & Greenaways, cock founders of Dale End Works, 50 & 52 Dale End, Birmingha, later Solihull, Birmingham, bar furniture, coppersmiths, water heaters, cookware and trench art. Took over Mason and Lawley in 1913. Now IMI Cornelius (UK) Limited., Gaskell & Chambers Division, 23-27 Chartwell Drive, Wigston, Leicester. LE18 2FL.

J R Gaunt & Sons, (prior to 1913 trading for 200 years as Ed Thurkle in Woostone Parade) 33, Clifford St., Aston, Birmingham, buckles, buttons, fittings, clasps. Button Makers.

Geschützt,  Geschutz,   Geschuetz, German mark covering a proprietary copyright, used until geschutz1883.  (Geschützt = 'Protected' in English).  This one is on a candlestick base.geschutzt

German Copper and Brass

Geschützt,  in a circular stamp

on a screw nutcracker. 

Ges. Gesch. (gesetzlich geschützt) used in Austria and Germany to  note copyright protected design.

James Gibbons Ltd., now James Gibbons Format, Wolverhampton, door furniture founded gibbons1670 by James Gibbons and in the 19th century claimed to be ‘the oldest established lockmaker in Britain’. They then diversified into a wide range of quality architectural ironwork.



 Frederick Giles & Sons, Ltd., Birmingham, General brassfoundry.


S Gill & Co., Ltd.  This mark under an ashtray.  (Photo and details to follow)

Paul Gilling, Victoria House. Successor to Hugh Wallis,

Gittins Craftsmen Ltd., Ocean Chambers, Clifford Street, Lozells, Birmingham, merged with Birmingham School of Handicrafts 1905, merged again in 1919 with Hart, Son, Peard & Co. Ltd. which lasted until the late 1950s.

Glasgow School of Art.  MG mark of  Margaret Gilmour who studied with her sister, gilmourMargaret McDonald, at the Glasgow School of Art.  The McDonald Sisters opened The Gilmour Studios and made much metalware in the Glasgow style.  (Thanks to Liz McKelvie.).  This mark is on a copper sconce.  Most Glasgow copper is unmarked.



Gledhill Products Ltd, Sycamore Estate, Squires Gate, Blackpool FY4 3RL, coppersmiths.  Started in 1926 as Norman Gledhill & Co. Ltd. Now specialise making copper hot water cylenders. More in sheet metal industrial souvenirs.

Glencroft  Copper, with its mark of the Big G and little candle, was started in South Buffalo, glencroftNY in 1948, moved to Clarence in 1954 and is now based in Tonawanda NY.  It was started by Glen Reece who had previously been with the Roycroft campus.  The name is now owned by his grandson, Bill Reece.  The shop is now run as an antique store.   (Thanks to Bill Reece).


 Gomm Manufacturing Co., Ltd., 56 Hockley Hill, Birmingham B 18, then 16, Sutton St., webawareAston Birmingham 6.  Weba™, Webaware™,   Mid 20th century production, Trade Mark lapsed 1950.





Goose Bay Workshops LLC, 10137 Seashore Hwy, Bridgeville, DE 19933, USA.  Peter Goebel goose bayand family  specialise in reproduction copper and brass wares from the 18th century.



Gorham Co. Founded by Jabez Gorham in Providence, Rhode Island, in 1831, the Gorham gorhamSilverware Company is still in business today in Smithfield, Rhode Island, making good silverware and silverplate.  This mark is on a copper tray that may once have been silver plated but looks better when back to the base metal.  It shows the pattern No as Y123 and the cross to the right dates it to 1886. Gorham Date Marks.

R. Greenlees & Co. Ltd., 30, 32, 35 & 37 East Howard Street, Glasgow (1896) 42, Great Clyde greenleesStreet, Glasgow, (1927) works in Norfolk Court, japanners, grinders and polishers, manufacturing ironmongers and hardware merchants.  R. G & Co. mark on a tea caddy with a 1920 registered design number.greenlees

Their manufacturer's mark under a late Victorian cast brass trivet. 

Gregorian Copper, made in the 1980’s in Albuquerque, gregorianNew Mexico, then Lemmon, South Dakota.  The 'R' mark stamp made with fine punching shows that the Gregorian design is registered.




The Griffin Foundry, Fireplace and Sanitary Fittings Limited, (Hunt griffinBrothers Ltd Griffin Iron Foundry Ltd,) griffinOldbury, Sanwell, near Birmingham.  The full message is cast into the base of a commemorative tankard. There was once a 15" gauge railway owned and operated by Tom Hunt on the site. This included 4 locomotives and ten carriages which went to the Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway.

Griffiths & Browett, 68 & 69 Bradford Street, griffithsBirmingham, c1867, coppersmiths, iron and tinplate workers. Later they specialised as makers of copper holloware including samovars and food warmers, iron and tinplate workers.  Griffiths & Browett mark dated 1885 on a copper scoop measure made for army use.

Probably connected with T E Griffiths & Co., also of Birmingham.  Details wanted. 

James Griffiths, 65 ½ Emily St. Birmingham. (Ryland 1903

Grillby Metallfabrik, Grillby, Sweden, makers of holloware including kettles. Scandinavian Copperware.

Griswold™  - Wagner Manufacturing Co of Erie, Pa until 1957 then 440 Fair Ave, Sidney, Ohio.  Mainly cast iron cookware. Name registered 1866, slant font from 1909, block font from 1924, trade mark cancelled April 2001 (Steve Stephens)

Guernsey and Jersey Cream Jugs Guernsey Jugs

Guests Brass Stamping Co. Selly Oak, Birmingham.

Guests Brass Stamping Co

Gunga Din  - see Moorgate (Birmingham) Ltd.