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Articles, books, videos and discs in chronological order

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Articles for the website of Copper Development Association Inc., USA 

Introduction to Copper  An introduction to copper, describing the many ways in which the metal is so useful. The article also touches on copper's invaluable contribution to the health of plants, animals and mankind. It provides an overview of copper and its properties and a guide to lead readers to appropriate sources of data.   CDA Inc Innovations article, August 2001.

Introduction to Brass   An overview of the family of alloys based on copper and zinc geared for designers, engineers and others who specify materials for manufactured products; also a brief history of brasses.   CDA Inc Innovations article, January, 2000.

Copper-Nickel Alloys - Marine Supreme   Introduction, Types of Copper-Nickel Alloy, Standards and Mechanical Properties, Resistance to Corrosion and Biofouling, Fabrication, Applications Information, Website Articles, Other References, Illustrations. CDA Inc Innovations article, June 2000.

Aluminium Bronzes     Covers the invaluable corrosion-resistant high-strength materials used for seawater systems, heavy duty bearings, electrical switchgear and many other applications where nothing else will do the job.  CDA Inc Innovations article, August 2002.

Presentations made to:

Metallurgical Societies of Cotswolds, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Nottingham, Oxford, Sheffield, South Wales & Southampton.

British Standards Institute

European Copper Institute

Institute of Metal Finishing

Institute of Metals/Materials meetings.

International Copper Association

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Conference Committees:

 “Copper ‘83”, The Metals Society, London, 1-2nd Nov 1983.

“Design in Brass”, 21 Seminars, 1982, 1983, 1984 & 1985.

“Aluminium Bronze for Industry”, CDA, London, 1984

“Surface Finishes on Copper”, CDA, Birmingham, 1984.

“Copper Alloys in Marine Environments”, CDA, Birmingham 1985

“Marine Engineering with Copper-Nickels”, Institute of Metals, London, 1988.

“Copper ’90”, Institute of Materials, Vasteräs, Sweden, 1990

“Copper – Energy Efficiency, High Conductivity (EHC 9t3)”, CDA, Birmingham, 1993


Exhibition Stand Organisation

'Aluminium Bronze for Industry', London

'Autotech', Birmingham

'Castings and Forgings', Telford

CDA 'Brass' seminars at 21  venues.

'Design Engineering Show', Birmingham

'Drives and Controls', Telford

'Electrex', Birmingham

'Electrical Engineering', Wembley

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'Eurochem', Birmingham

'Ideal Homes Exhibition', London and Birmingham

'Materials for Marine Engineering', London

'Metal Finishing', Coventry

'Metals Engineering', Birmingham and Leeds 

'New and Advanced Materials', London

'Offshore Europe Exhibition', Aberdeen

St Albans Careers Convention

'Subcon', Birmingham

  element spectra





 One Friday afternoon during the early 1950's a trio of laboratory assistants were supposed to be clearing up.  Instead, they agreed use the Hilger Medium Spectrograph to take a 10 x 4" plate photo of the spectra of all the metals that happened to be available.  It is unlikely that there is another one like it.