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Sternau and Co.

Super Materiam Smit.

stacey P H Stacye, Casement Maker and  coppersmith, 14, Anchorage Road, Erdington, Birmingham. 


This stamp used under an excellent piece of workmanship on a copper box.  (Thanks to Steve Canto)



Stainton and Hulme, Birmingham.  This mark on a copper jug.




 Stanley London, a name now used on many reproduction scientific instruments by an organisation based in California.




W F Stanley & Co., Instrument makers, Great Turnstile St, London, then New Eltham.



SW  Stanley Works, New Britain Connecticut. The heart commemorates a long term employee of the Stanley Works whose last name was Hart.  The mark was used on Stanley's hand tools from 1918 to 1935.  This example is on a heavy duty brass hinge.  (Thanks for ID to Don Bose, Mid-West Tool Collectors Association.




N and P Steele Brothers, Edinburgh, coppersmiths and ironmongers c1830s. (Photo ack: Andrew Crawforth)








Sternau, New York. S Sternau and Co.



stickleyStickley, Gustav Stickly Co founded in Syracuse, New York in 1898.  Motto: 'Als ik kan'.  He published ‘The Craftsman’ journal. Bankrupt 1915.






Stockli, Switzerland, this mark on kitchenware, more information welcome.



James Henry Stone, 4 and 5 St. Paul’s Square, Birmingham, brassfounders. Ornamental design for metal candlestick. Registrant of Design Registration No. 53791 (10th August 1886) for a candlestick similar to that sometimes found with a Benham Orb maker's mark.


Andrew Storrar, 109-111 Foregate St., Chester, brazier, made or supplied brass candlesticks in 19th century.  These include the 'beehive & diamond type of design registered by Clews during Jubilee year.  


J N Summerfield,  unknown mark found on Victorian cast brass trivet  More information welcome.

Super Materiam Ignis Triumphans Super Materiam

dscg DSCG Duchess of Sutherland Cripples Guild.     Millicent, 4th Duchess of Sutherland (1867-1955), was a well-known social reformer in the Potteries area of Staffordshire.  She founded the Potteries Cripples Guild which produced very good quality hand beaten copper ware, usually of simple elegant design. 

sutterlyG T Sutterly,  Philadelphia,  tableware.  This from the underside of a chafing dish.  (Photo by Tom Klepaki)  They were listed in Philadelphia Directories as early as 1887 which would mean they were in business at least by 1886. Gilbert T Sutterley of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has an 1883 U S Patent for sheet metal cuspidors. (Information from Pat Dolan.)

wsWS unknown mark on base of hand made jug.  More information welcome.


Swan Brand.  Trade mark of a firm that made kettles for gas and electric power as well as other domestic holloware.  The name was owned by Bulpitts but later taken over by BSR Group (Birmingham Sound Reproducers) who also bought Goblin BVC :td with its range of 'Teasmade' bedside teamaking sets.  Became part of Moulinex Group but Swan Moulinex was liquidated in 2001.  Kettles and Teasmades are now being made again. See Bulpitts.


Swedish Skultuna Copperware, 400 Years, 1607-2007. Swedish Copperware.