Cape Cod Shop

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Cape Cod Shop, near centre of one of the American New England art colonies developed in the 1890s.   cape codBesides the main outlet there was also a shop at 30, West 15th Street. New York City.

Caoe CodOne of their products that appears on the markets from time to time is the firelighter. The attractive copperware contained a flammable liquid such ar paraffin (kerosene) and a wire frame containing a refractory stone that could soak up enough to be used to set the kindling wood well alight. This mark on the undersides of a hand-hammered copper firelighter pot and tray.

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-  and this mark cast in to the back of some fine cast brass 'Fishermen'  bookends. 




A similar firelighter that was made in Canada.  This uses the 'HMS Victory' emblem on the top of the firelighting wand.