Unknown Marks L - M

(c) Vin Callcut 2002-2017. Small extracts can be used with acknowledgements to 'Oldcopper.org' website.

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vase mark


Mark under a vase of 'wmf' type.  (Photo Clive Lloyd)



lc french mark



'L C ' mark on a spirit kettle in art nouveau style,  yet to be identified, possibly French.






l canadian

‘L’  unknown mark on a handsome hand made fruit fluted 1936 presentation copper dish, probably Canadian.




lw german

LW mark, marked with British Rd No and Pat No but probably not Lee and Wilkes but a German maker.





l and t

'L & T' 'Made in England' unknown mark under a thin copper jug of 1930-1960 period.





'SLS (or SSL) mark mark on an old tazza (courtesy Wendy Hewitt)





Henry Loveridge & Co.,  Bilston, Wolverhampton. Found frequently but not the most obvious monogram. See Loveridge.






AM ? mark on window latch.






A M S (& Sons?)unknown maker's mark on a cast trivet. Information welcome.




MB unknown mark in shield on paper knife  -information welcome.


mc mark

MC (or CM) unknown mark under two pairs of  candlesticks.



pm new jersey

 'P. M.' Made in New Jersey on a well made copper tray and again on a copper inkwell.  Information welcome.

mundu germany


Mundu, Indian tea company.  Who made their brass tea bowls in Germany?



mitchell canada

 Mitchell, Canada, maker's mark under a fire lighter made from an old 4" shell case.  More information will be welcome.



nmNM – unknown mark on copper chamberstick, more information welcome.


 MM Handarbeit  mark on hand made copperware. Mussbach Metall Gmbh & Co. KG, Neustadt an der Weinstrasze, Germany. (Thanks to Trent, the Ozark Antiquarian).