Not Brass or Copper

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Many items may have a coating that makes them look like brass or copper. If the base metal properties do not match the strength, ductility and corrosion resistance that they should their life may be much shorter.





 This Coronation Crown money box was made to celebrate the 1937 coronation of King George VI .  Both components are made of brass plated zinc, shown by the white metal showing through where the plating has worn.












 This miniature candlestick is also brass-plated zinc alloy diecasting.  For a cheap souvenir it has far more close detail than could easily be obtained in brass but feels lighter in weight and impermanent.












The underside shows a detailed 'Gunga Din' manufacturer's mark in raised lettering with a high definition that is easiest to achieve by diecasting in zinc. See Moorgate (Birmingham).









bingham heart

Heart shaped souvenir of the copper mine at Bingham Canyon in Utah. This is the world's largest man-made excavation, being more than 4km ( 2 1/2 miles) across at the top, 1km (3/4 mile) deep and covering 800 hectares (1,900 acres). Bingham Canyon ore has yielded more than 15 million tons of copper but this souvenir is made of copper plated zinc.









 Any of these might make a monkey out of the brass buyer.  The one on the right is copper plated plastic, the others are plated zinc diecastings.  They are lighter in weight than comparable brass castings and a scratch test on the underside shows white metal. Three Wise Monkeys.







 An early Rawlplug gauge for checking size of woodscrews needed for each wallplug size.  It is made of copper-plated steel and jumps to a magnet.







sumo cobre


Plaque marked 'Sumo Cobre Mexico SA&CV 9689', very light and probably made of copper loaded resin.