Benedict Art Studio

(Onodonga Metal Shop)

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Benedict Art Studio,  (Onondonga Metal Shop) founded by Harry L Benedict and George N Couse, East Syracuse, New York in 1904.  (Photo by Glenn Medack)



Benedict Manufacturing Co.



Onogonda Metal Shops OMS monogram mark.




Benedict Karnak Brass




Lotus Bud Ware by Benedict.




Benedict Proctor Mfg. Co.  Flemish Copper B.P. Co./Flemish Copper.

Flemish Copper is probably a style name for the non-silver plated wares of Benedict Proctor Mfg. Co. of Trenton, Ontario, Canada.  They began in Toronto in 1913 and relocated to Trenton in 1917.   The factory closed in 1982 and was demolished to make way for a park on the Trent River.

 Benedict Proctor was a producer of silver plated tea and coffee services and other silver plated gift and table wares. They probably decided to increase sales by offering their copper items with a clear lacquered finish instead of silver plated. Most have rather crudely cast silver-coloured metal mounts (Britannia Metal?). They made a range of items including tea and coffee pots, cocktail shakers, various bread/cake baskets and trays, bon-bons, etc. (Thanks to Diane Pelletier, Calgary, Canada). Photo by Paul Hill from the base of an electro-plated nickel silver flask.