Beldray - Bradley and Co., Bilston

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Bradley & Co. Albion Works, Mount Pleasant, Bilston, Wolverhampton, was founded in 1872, probably making copper kettles. 

Bradley & Co's trade name was Beldray, an anagram of Bradley; the company name was changed to Beldray in 1977.   Their mark was based on a bell on a dray ( = lorry or truck) but sometimes only the name was used.  They may have made copper kettles in the late 19th century but started a wide range of brass and copper art metal in about 1903, continuing until 1939. The company continued in Bilston, now part of Wolverhampton, until 2005.  (Information from Frank Sharman).

The Beldray Trade Name in an eye shaped lozenge.

There are excellent surveys of company and products on the website links.


The figurative Beldray bell and dray (= lorry or truck) frequently found on the underside of vases.







Very much fit for purpose - it is still possible to find a replacement liner so that the fruit does not argue with the brass!