HMS Victory Medalets

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In 1905 the B.F.S.S. (British & Foreign Sailor's Society) was instrumental in the program of events for the Nelson Centennial.  A fund was set up known as 'The Nelson Centenary Memorial Fund' and the King, who took a great interest in the Society, allowed his initials, E.R. VII, to be stamped on the souvenirs. The subscribers to the fund were able to acquire medals and badges, amongst other items, for the donations and collections.  The larger medals/badges were given for 5 shillings and upwards, the small Victory charm (16.5mm) to everyone sending 1 shilling (=5p) and upwards. Provision was also made for a Victory Shield (for £5. 5s., five guineas, now £5.25) for schools to award annually to a boy or girl for success. Copper was also used to make Nelson busts which were available for donations of £50. The remaining copper from H.M.S. FOUDROYANT was also acquired and used to provide HMS Victory souvenirs for the boys and girls of the Empire.   (Nelson Commemorative Medals 1797-1905, Thomas A. Hardy, p. 36.)


HMS Victory medalet, 1905.   This small "Victory" medallion was given to everyone medaletssubscribing one shilling. The obverse shows the starboard broadside view of HMS Victory with lower sails reefed to show the rigging shrouds.  In the exergue below is 'VICTORY 1905'. On the reverse is written FROM B.F.S.S. NELSON CENTENARY CONTAINING VICTORY COPPER, E.R. VII. Diameter 17mm.  Some seem to have been gilded originally.  Others now show an oxide patina.


This is a rarer version of the 17mm medalet showing the port broadside on the obverse.  The reverse has the wording: 'From BFSS Nelson Centenary containing Victory copper E.R VII' .





1905 Nelson / Victory commemorative medalet within a four-pointed decorative star. Unlike most of the basic medalets, the view is of HMS Victory port side  but the reverse text is the more common 'From BFSS Nelson Centenary containing Victory copper E.R VII.






Badge commemorating the centenary of Nelson's death Centenary Memento of the Death of Admiral Nelson. Dated October 21st, 1905. Cast from copper in the shape of HMS Victory. Pin back fastener. This memorial pin has the following words cast into the reverse: ‘Centenary Memento of the Death of Nelson, 1805 Oct. 21st 1905. Containing Copper From H.M.S. Victory.The Gift of the Lords of the Admiralty to British and Foreign Sailors Society. E.R.VII’ (i.e. Edward VII). Pin back is intact.  Height 28mm (1 1/8"). Probably made by Elkington and Co.



Token Lord Nelson's Death Centenary 1905. Obverse shows Lord Nelson with writing underneath 'Death of Nelson Oct.21, 1805 centenary Memento Oct. 21, 1905'. Edging reads 'Presented by British & Foreign Sailors Society - Containing Victory copper From Lords of the Admiralty'.

Reverse shows a ship with writing underneath 'Victory Trafalgar Oct. 21, 1805'. Wording around edge reads 'England Expects That Everyman Will Do His Duty - Thank God I have Done My Duty'.  Diameter 30mm (1 1/8").   Drilled at top for use as a pendant.

HMS Victory Medal 1924 Reverse floral decoration surrounding the text ' Medal struck from copper taken from HMS Victory 1924. Obverse shows HMS Victory almost bow on leading a convoy with stunsails set and surrounded by the text 'Save the Victory Fund'. The design is signed McM (W. McMillan). Diameter 32mm.