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  Aladdin,  Originally the Mantle Lamp Company, USA.  Their first Aladdin lamp was produced in 1909 and new lamps are still available world-wide.  There are many enthusiastic collectors and website entries.

 ALADDIN and LOX-ON are registered trademarks of Aladdin Industries, LLC, Nashville, Tennessee. 

aladdin Knights

Aladdin Knights. "Aladdin-The Magic Name in Lamps"
has been reprinted. "Center-draft Kerosene Lamps 
1884 to 1940 Identification & Value Guide"
has been reprinted.




Aladdin Collector.

43rd Annual gathering of the Aladdin Knights was in Nashville, Tennessee. Watch gor the next. 



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Bialaddin,  A range of lamps and heaters made in UK by Willis & Bates of Halifax and marketed by Aladdin from c1940  until 1968.  The business was taken over by Bairstow Brothers who continue production.



Pressure Lamps International Bialaddin Lamps.

"The exact year when Bialaddin pressure lamps were first made is not certain, but was probably in the early to mid 1940s. The make was very popular in the United Kingdom during the 1950s and 1960s, but earlier versions were probably in use in the 1940s. I believe that before WW2 Aladdin and Petromax Germany had a trading alliance, because 1930s adverts show the two names together. Around 1941 the last Aladdin Petromax adverts disappeared, and the name Bialaddin appeared. Bialaddins were made by Willis and Bates of Halifax, England, and marketed by Aladdin (hence Bialaddin ?) until 1968, when the relationship between the two companies apparently ended. Willis and Bates continued making pressure lamps under the brand name Vapalux.The Vapalux range, which I think also began in the 1940s, shared common components with Bialaddins, and probably shared some engineering with Tilley, who used Willis and Bates as sub-contractors between 1927 and 1938. Willis & Bates were incorporated as a registered company (00224284) on 7th September 1927."