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No 1 (1973)  1

Collection of Broseley and Wilkinson Relics,  The, note (Ed.), p. 1.

King of the Ironmasters, Wayne Turner,  pp.3-4.

Broseley Home Of John Wilkinson, The Ralph Pee,  pp. 5-6.

History of the Broseley Area,  The : Selected Extracts (I – The Early Middle Ages), Neil Clarke,  p. 7.

No 2 (1974) 

Churches of the Broseley Area, Dennis Mason, pp. 3-5.

Where was Abraham Darby I buried?, Barrie Trinder, p.6.

Broseley Railway, Neil Clarke,  pp. 6.

Migration Of Pottery Workers between Stoke-On-Trent and the Broseley Area in the Eighteenth Century, Maurice Hawes, pp. 7-9

John Wilkinson’s Trade Tokens, Wayne Turner,  pp. 10-12.

Water Pipes or Cannon? Neil Clarke,  p. 12.

Society's Collection of Industrial Relics, The, Ralph Pee,  pp. 13-15

New Willey Ironworks, Neil Clarke,  p. 15.

No 3 (1975)

Glassmaking in Broseley, Part 1, T C Hancox,  pp. 3-4.

Working at the Blists Hill Mine Forty Years Ago,  Frank Turner,  pp. 5-6.

W. Howard Williams:  An Appreciation, Neil Clarke, p. 6.

Richard Trevithick and the Hazledine Foundry at Bridgnorth,  Maurice Hawes,  pp. 7-8.

Water Pipes or Cannon?,  Neil Clarke, p. 8.

Hawarden Bridge Iron and Steel Works, The, Shotton, near Chester: a Study in Entrepreneurial History,  P S Richards,  pp. 9-11.

Jackfield Decorative Tile Industry, The, note, (Ed.), p. 11.

Society's Collection, The, Ralph Pee, p. 12.

Journal, The, correspondence (W. Howard Willimiams),  p. 13.

Pottery Workers, correspondence, (A R Mountford), p. 13.

No 4 (1976) 

Glassmaking in Broseley, Part 2, T. C. Hancox, pp. 4-6.

Boat-Building in the Ironbridge Gorge, Neil Clarke, pp. 7-8.

Coal, Iron and Clay ... and the Law!, Neil Clarke, p. 9.

John Wilkinson School, The, note (Maurice Hawes), p. 9.

Our New Museum, note (Ed),  p. 10.

Josiah John Guest, 1785-1852, Neil Clarke, pp. 11-12.

Broseley Morris Dancers 300 Years Ago, E H Pee, p. 13.

Curator's Report, R. Pee,  p. 14.

No 5 (1977)

Markers in Benthall History, Tony Herbert,  pp. 4-5.

Severn in South Shropshire, The, Part 1, Ralph Pee, pp. 6-8.

Gilbert Gilpin, 1766-1827; Agent, Trade Correspondent and Chain Maker, Neil Clarke,  pp. 9-12.

Josiah John Guest, correspondence, (F V Francis), p. 12.

Boatbuilding in the Ironbridge Gorge, correspondence, (T C Hancox), p. 13.

Pottery Workers, correspondence, ( A R Mountford),  p. 13.

Index of Main Articles., 1972-77,   p. 14.

No 6 (1978)

Severn in South Shropshire, Part 2,  Ralph Pee,  pp. 4-8.

Old Vicarage, The, Benthall, Broseley, Salop., Archaeological Investigation, John Sandon,  pp.9-20.

Ironbridge Bicentenary, The, note, (Ed.), p. 20.

Boat-Building and the Chepstow Ship Registers,  R.A. Barker, pp. 21-22.

Graveyard of Barges ?, A, note, (Ed.) ,  p. 22.

No. 7 (1979): Iron Bridge Bicentenary Number

King of the Ironmasters, Wayne Turner (Reprinted from No 1),  pp. 2-4.

Broseley Home of John Wilkinson, The,  Ralph Pee, (Reprinted from No 1), pp. 4-6.

John Wilkinson's Trade Tokens,  Wayne Turner, (Reprinted from No 2),  pp. 6-8.

Willey Ironworks, The Two, Maurice Hawes and Ralph Pee,  pp. 8-12.

New Hadley Colliery and Ironworks, The,  Neil Clarke,  pp. 12-14.

Wilkinson's Iron Boats, note, (Richard Barker),  p. 15.

Lectures And Field-Trips organised by the Society on the Life and Work of John Wilkinson, 1972-1978, note, (Ed.).,  p. 15.

No 8 (1980)

Lateral Look at Iron and Steel, A, W K V Gale, pp. 6-7.

Some Mining Incidents in the Broseley Field,  I J Brown,  pp. 3-6.

Barges in Victorian Shropshire, R. A. Barker,  pp. 8-11.

Graveyard of Barges ?, A, note, (R. Pee),  p. 11.

Jackfield in 1851,  S. Perfect and V. West,  pp. 12-14.

New Hadley Colliery and Ironworks, correspondence, (Dr I J Brown),  p .14.

Boat-Building in the Ironbridge Gorge, correspondence, (H Waterhouse),  p. 15.

King of the Ironmasters, correspondence, ( L F Peltor),  p. 15.

Iron Bridge Bicentenary, The, correspondence, (R Chaplin),  p. 16.

John Wilkinson's Trade Tokens, correspondence, (P Criddle), p. 16.

Severn in South Shropshire, The, correspondence, (R C Pee), p. 17.

No 9 (1981)

New Willey Ironworks, The,: A Reappraisal Of The Site,  Ralph Pee,  pp. 3-9.

Broseley Anti-Felons, The, Part 1, John Cragg, pp. 11-13.

Iron Bridge at War, The, Ron Miles, pp. 14-17.

Another Time - Another War, note (R. Pee),  p. 17.

First Iron Boat, Helton Tarn : Press Release, note (Ed.),  p. 17.

Severn Barges, correspondence (Ron Miles),  p. 18.

Severn Barges, correspondence (Richard Barker), pp. 18-19.

No 10 (1982)

Leonard Lead : A Shropshire Charcoal Burner in the Industrial Revolution,  Peter Lead,  pp. 3-9.

Broseley Hall and Thomas Farnolls Prichard,  Veronica West, pp. 10-11.

Wilkinson Monument at Lindale, The, note (Ed.),  p. 9.

Frank Turner -.An Obituary, Neil Clarke,  p. 12.

No 11 (1983)

Ralph Pee, 1912-1983 ; A Tribute to the Founder of the Wilkinson Society, Neil Clarke, pp. 4-5.

John Wilkinson, Ironmaster : The Dynamic Force that ushered in the dawn of our Industrial Age, book review, (Maurice Hawes), p. 5.

Broseley Anti-Felons, The, Part 2, John Cragg,  pp. 6-10.

Meadow Colliery, The, Madeley,  Frank Turner,  pp 10-13.

Ern Harris : An Obituary, John Cragg, p. 14.

No 12 (1984)

"As Others See Us" : Contemporary Opinion of John Wilkinson and his Achievements, Neil Clarke, pp. 4-7.

Ralph Pee China Bequest, note (Maurice Hawes), p. 8.

Researching John Wilkinson, literature survey, Neil Clarke,  pp. 9-10.

No 13 (1985)

John Wilkinson, Banker, correspondence, (Peter Robb), p. 3.

'Trial' Enigma, The, Ray Pringle-Scott, pp. 4-11.

Wilkinson Monument Restored, note, (John Powell), pp. 11 & 14.

Bersham Industrial Heritage Centre, The Visit to, Howard P Griffiths, pp. 12-14.

No 14 (1986)

First Iron Boat, The, Ralph Pee, pp. 6-9.

Bradley Ironworks Plaque, note (Ed.), p. 9.

Shropshire Railways in Print, literature survey, Neil Clarke, p. 10.

No 15 (1985), Iron Boat Bicentenary Number

John Wilkinson and the early Iron Barges,  Richard Barker,  pp. 1-34.

No 16 (1988)

Recent Developments at Bersham, note (Ed.),  p. 3.

Grand Junction Icebreaker, correspondence, (M. J. Keef), p. 4.

Family History, correspondence, (Frank Lloyd), p. 4.

Iron Barges, correspondence, (Richard Barker), p. 5.

John Wilkinson And The Two Willey Ironworks, pp. 6-11

Willey Ironworks, The, - A Plea For Action, Douglas Braid, p. 12.

Chris Whall, An appreciation, Maurice Hawes,  p. 13.

No 17 (1995)

John Wilkinson and his Family, Michael Berthoud,  pp. 3-7.

Sir John Dugdale K.C.V.O., obituary, Vera Francis, pp. 7-8.

Shropshire and the South Wales Iron Industry, Steve Dewhirst, pp. 9-10.

Wilkinsonians go to Wrexham, note (Ed.),  p. 11.

Musical About John Wilkinson...?, A, note (Ed.), p.12.

Clay Tobacco Pipeworks, note (Rex Key), p. 13.

No 18 (1996)

John Wilkinson and the Iron Bridge, Part 1, 'The Bridge in Modern Times', Michael Berthoud, pp. 4-9.

Passing through Willey in 1735, Neil Clarke, pp. 10-17.

Cannon in the Gambia, Margaret Barrett, pp. 18-20.

No 19 (1997)

John Wilkinson and the Iron Bridge, Part 2, 'The Background to the Bridge', Michael Berthoud, pp. 2-7.

Thomas Turner at Caughley, John and Nadine Shearman, pp. 8-12.

Betancourt sheds light on the Wilkinsons, book review, (Richard Baker), pp. 13-15.

Industrial Archaeology of Shropshire, Book Review, (Neil Clarke), pp. 15-16.

No 20 (1998)

Early Mining Maps of the Ironbridge Gorge, Ivor Brown, pp. 2-5.

John Byng's Visits to Broseley, Neil Clarke, pp. 6-8.

Childhood Memories of Life in Broseley, Betty Caswell, pp. 9-13.

William Doughty - Bursting and Blow-up of the new Gasometer, Rex Key, pp. 14-16.

No 21 (1999)

Ramsell: What's In a Name ?, Jim Cooper, pp. 2-7.

John Wilkinson and Bradley, Thoughts on, Ron Davis, pp. 8-14.

Working Women of the Borough of Wenlock, Sue Harvey, pp. 15-19.

Shirlett Sanatorium, Victoria Cox, pp. 20-26.

Le Creusot: A Wilkinson Legacy, David Lake, pp. 27-32.

Douglas Braid, 1908-1999, obituary, (Richard Barker), pp. 33-34.

First Iron Boat, The, note (John Powell), p. 35.

Cannon at Barra in the Gambia, correspondence, (Margaret Barrett), pp. 36 & 34.

Walkers Company, Rotherham, correspondence, (Steve Dewhirst), p. 36.

No. 22 (2000)

Beaumarchais and John Wilkinson - Strangers or Fellow Conspirators?,  Ruth Dodd , pp. 2-17.

Perfectly Retired From The World - A Caughley Itinerary, Stephen Perry, pp. 18-35.

From Wilkinson Society to Broseley Local History Society, Neil Clarke, pp. 36-39.

Shirlett Sanatorium, correspondence, (Ivan Hall), p. 40.

Wilkinson's Barges, correspondence, (Richard Barker), p. 40.

Le Creusot: A Wilkinson Legacy, correspondence, Donald Harris, pp. 41-43.

No. 23 (2001)

Broseley Miners at Worsley, Jeff Tudge,  pp.2-5.

William Wilkinson's Plans for Louis XVI’s New Cannon Factory, 1781, translation, (David Lake), pp. 6-12.

John Wilkinson and Thomas Turner : Employer and Employee?', Stephen Perry, pp. 13-22.

Hulbert’s ‘History and Description of the County of Salop, Steve Dewhirst, pp. 23-28.

Jackfield Mine Disaster, The, 1856,  Ivor J. Brown, pp. 29-31.

Broseley Childhood, A, Autobiography Pt 1, Jack Owen, pp. 32-38.

John Wilkinson, Ironmaster Extraordinary by Ron Davies, book review, (Rev. Rex Key), p. 39.

Broseley and its Surroundings by John Randall, book/CD review (Steve Dewhirst), p. 40.

No. 24 (2002)

The Spirit of the Age, Ideas and Movements of the Eighteenth Century and John Wilkinson, Diana Clarke, pp. 2-16.

Burning Well Of Broseley, The,  Sylvia Watts, pp. 17-18.

Subterranean Secrets of ‘Rivendell’, The, Michael Pope, pp. 19-21.

Broseley Gasworks,  Peter Hutchinson, pp. 22-24.

Working in the Area in the 1930s, Autobiography Part 2,  Jack Owen,  pp. 25-32.

No. 25 (2003)

Unfortunate Barge Builder, The, Richard Barker, pp. 2-4.

Today Broseley – Tomorrow the World, David Lake, pp. 5-15.

Coal – The Vital Resource at Caughley, John Willock, pp. 16-19.

Wartime and After: part 3 of my Autobiography, Jack Owen, pp. 20-26

Journal Index, 1973-2002, pp. 27-32.

No  26  (2004)

The Quarrels of the Brothers Wilkinson by Frank Dawson

The Hornblower Saga by Paul Andrew Luter

Thomas Turner and the Newdigate Connection by John Willcock

The Lion Hotel in 1923 by Mary Dixon

Memories of a Shropshire Lad, part 1 by Dennis Mason


No  27 (2005)

John Wilkinson - Copper King?   by  Vin Callcut

On the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution in France at Le Creusot  by Leon Griveau

'British Oil - developments in the Ironbridge Gorge during the 17th and 18th centuries by Paul Luter

The Diary of Mary Ann Lewis - selected extracts (NJC)

Memories of a Shropshire Lad, part 2 by Dennis Mason


BLHS Journals from No 20, 1998 are on the '' website






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