Birmingham Button Makers

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Button Makers.

Birmingham Buttonmakers
4209  J. A & Sons, Ltd.,   John Aston & Co. Eagle Button Works Summer Hill Road,Birmingham.

A & W Ltd., Birmingham, details wanted.

4458 Adams,  Birmingham,  details wanted.
4213  H. Allday,  Birmingham, details wanted.  P G Allday & Co. is listed in 1946 as at 117, 119 & 121 Northwood St., Birmingham 3.
4057 Armfield, Edward. (also William.) Armfield & Co. Ltd.  .) Newhall St. (1829) Armfield & Co. Ltd. 7&8 St Paul’s Square (1936)  51, Carpenter Road, Birmingham 15 (1946)  1763 to date, livery, crest and general button makers. Making buttons from 1763 to date.
  Mrs A Bowler, 218 Burbury Street, Lozells, Birmingham (Kelly 1936).
  C J & H Brookes, 207, High St., Aston, Birmingham (Kelly 1936)  Buttons.

 Buttons Ltd., Birmingham. In 1913 they had three works sites in Birmingham, Portland Street, Worstone Lane and Clissold Street making buttons, buckles and stampings. Some buttons were also made in London.  .  They also sold suitable dies and button making machinery.

4204   Trademarks included 'Three Domes' and crossed swords.   Now a division of Francis Sumner Engineering Co. 

4206 Cheyney,  Birmingham, details wanted.
4823 C. H. C. & Sons Ltd., details wanted.
4460 Derverlea Products Ltd., 44 Princip Street, Aston Cross, buttons, decorative holloware. 1930's.
3378 William Dowler & Sons. Graham St. Works, Birmingham 1 (in 1946) Founded 1774, probably as Thomas Dowler of Great Charles St., Birmingham. Amalgamated with Firmin in 1969. 
4822   Essor Manufacturing Co Ltd.,  24-28 Bishop St., Birmingham 5,  (in 1946) Brassfounders and Engineers  founded 1924 from the firms of Henry Ellaway, George Hopkins & Co. and F A Harrison Ltd. Essor Mfg.
4122 Thos Fattorini & Sons, Bradford Works, Birmingham were founded in 1827 in Lancashire. In 1915 they moved to Birmingham. By 1925 there were Fattorini and Sons Ltd. in Pitsford Street and Thomas Fattorini (Birmingham) Ltd., at 3&5 Hockley Street. Thomas Fattorini moved to Regent Street in 1930 and merged with Fattorini and Sons in 1983. 
   Firmin & Sons Ltd., Globe Works, Villa Street Aston, Birmingham, also in London, button makers established 1677, 108, 109 St. Martin’s Lane. London, 1894. The company has been based in Birmingham since 1882.  Their current address is 82-86 New Town Row, Birmingham B6 4HU.  The Firmin Group incorporates several other long established companies which include J R Gaunt & Son (established 1750), William Dowler & Son (established1774), Smith & Wright (established 18th century) and Stratton of London (established 1860). Current back markers include FIRMIN, FIRMIN & SON, FIRMIN ENGLAND, FIRMIN MADE IN ENGLAND AND F&S.
5322 J Fray Ltd., Birmingham.
gaunt J R Gaunt & Sons, J R G & S, (prior to 1913 trading for 200 years as Ed Thurkle in Woostone Parade) 33, Clifford St., Aston, Birmingham until being taken over by Birmingham Mint in 1973, also in London, buckles, buttons, fittings, clasps.  This mark is on a button stick used to protect garments while brass buttons are being polished.
  Edward Gill, 54 Hylton St., Birmingham 18, buttons.
5391 Sydney Griffith, Birmingham.
   Hall & Hawkley, Clifford St., Lozells & 47 Furnace Lane, Lozells, Birmingham. (H & H).
5332 W. H. Haseler Ltd., Birmingham.
6480   Heaton & Taylor, Goodman Street, Birmingham 1, 100 Summer Hill Road (K1936) successors to Lion Works . Probably founded c1820s as Heatons Brothers of Shadwell St Mills making wire shanks for buttons.
4462 George W Hughes, St. Pauls, Birmingham.  Further information welcome.
4456 Kenworthy's Birmingham,  details wanted.
4264 W O Lewis (Badges) Ltd.  Birmingham.
5361   Lion Works Ltd., Heaton & Taylor,Goodman Street, 100, Summer Hill Road, Birmingham 1.
3690   J. S. M and Co.  Birmingham.  information wanted.
4196  H. W. Miller Ltd., 116 & 118, Branstone St., Birmingham 18. (1925-1978).  Harold William Miller succeeded William Miller in 1935.

 Morton & Crowder Ltd.,  31 & 33 St. George's Place (K1900), then 208-232, Brearly Street, Birmingham, buttons, imitation jewellery studs, cuff links.  (Kelly 1936)


5399  W L M Ltd.  Birmingham.
7090   Newey Bros. Limited, Birmingham,   manufacturers of buttons, hooks and eyes, hairpins and wireless accessories. Records from 1864 to 1934 are stored in Birmingham City Archives.
4208 William Oldbury, 109-110 New John St., Birmingham 6.  This their mark?
4468 Reeves & Co. Ltd.  Tenby St., Birmingham  1.
3314   Regal Buttons Ltd.  52, Porchester St., Aston (1936) and Grosvenor Road, Birmingham.
5317  A. Shirley Ltd., 82, Unett Street Birmingham, general brassfounders, then 83, Clifford Street, Birmingham B19, By 1946 at 35, Woodfield Road, Birmingham 14, buttons, hearth furniture, Hecla™ hot water bottles.

Smith & Wright,  176, 178 & 180Brearly St.Birmingham 19. (in 1946). 


  Smith, Kemp & Wright Ltd.Birmingham. founded in 1840s. they made Other Ranks brass buttons of the pre-1871 patterns. They became part of Firmin & Sons in the early 20th century.
4203 J B S & Sons, Birmingham  details wanted.
4459   Stratton,  Bromsgrove Street, Birmingham.
  William Twigg & Co., 25 Legge Lane (1903), 11, Warstone Parade East, Birmingham 18.  (in 1946).  George Twigg 30, Moseley Road, Birmingham (1867) stamper, piercer, metalworker and general press tool maker.
3509 Usher, Vittoria Road, Birmingham.
8391 VAUGHTONS Bros. 135, Constitution Hill, Birmingham, now at 16, Well St., Birmingham B19 3BJ, taken over by W. H. Darby, maker of badges and medals.
4578 Wilks, 76, Caroline Street, Birmingham.
5392 Williams and Gray, Birmingham.