The Cats

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Brunel, Brecon and Britannia

Our Three Tonkinese Cats

  Now nearly seventeen years old, they still behave like kittens and keep us entertained.  Brunel learnt the hard way about not crossing roads when he was knocked down by a car.  He survived without any broken bones but lost chunks of fur all over and was badly bruised.    He had several other narrow escapes.

  The names? - since the cats are chocolate and cream, the colour of the coaches on the old Great Western Railway, they come from the grand list of names that were used on the GWR locomotives at various times. ('County of Brecon', 'Isambard Kingdom Brunel' and 'Britannia').  All our cats have been named after suitable locos.  Others have been 'Hardwicke' (L&NWR), 'Clunchen' (after Clun Castle, GWR), 'Achilles' (GWR), 'Sir Nigel' and 'Quicksilver' (LNER)

   This photo won Vin second prize at one of the Camera Club competitions.  He tried for years to get them all saying cheese together!

Brecon, Brunel and Brit snuggled in to the Lloyd Loom chair

Brit and Brunel supervise the kitchen from the top shelf.


Brecon rolls over for another tickle.

 Brecon and Brit watch Brunel paddling during their Cornish holiday. 

Photos and digital imaging by Andy Callcut.


We are now left with happy memories of Brunel who died of natural causes in July 2008 aged 11.  Brecon and Brit are still happy.