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Bradley and Hubbard.

Bristol Brass.

BW   mark under a four pint hot water can.  Clive Greathurst identifies it as used by A Bratt & BW markSons of Clarence St., then Ablow St., Wolverhampton. 'Manufacturers of 'Clarence' brand aluminium, enamelled, tinned, Japanned, brass and copper wares' in a 1926 catalogue.


T Bradburn & Sons, Birmingham,  details to come.

Bradley & Co, Bilston (Beldray)

 Originally Bradley & Co., made copper and brass art metal until c 1914, the company trade mark Beldray is based on an anagram of their company name, Bradley.  The figurative bell and dray (= lorry or truck) made a good symbol but sometimes only the name is used.  They remained at Bilston, near Birmingham until late in the century. Wolverhampton website: Beldray English Metalware website.

Bradley and Hubbard 1852- 1940s, Hubbard was one of the inspirational leaders of the Roycroft movement in New York, well known for their Arts and Crafts industry.  Walter Hubbard and his brother-in-law, Nathaniel Lyman Bradley, started making cast iron clocks, tables, frames, andirons, lamps, chandeliers, sconces and sewing birds in 1854 in Meriden, Connecticut.  The company became Bradley and Hubbard Manufacturing Co. in 1875.  The Charles Parker Company bought the firm in 1940.  See page  Bradley and Hubbard

Brass & Alloy Pressings (Deritend) Ltd., Liverpool St. Deritend, Birmingham.  Incorporated 1957, Delta EMD Marketing Ltd 2000, Dissolved 2016. This mark under a promotional hot stamped ashtray dated October 1988, celebrating the first monthly sales figure of £500,000. Diameter 125mm (5"). Weight 1,145g (2lb 8oz).





Sacha Brastoff, designer enamels on copper.


J A Bratt, Clarence Works, Wolverhamton, mark on a chamberstick.  (courtesy  Frank Sharman)





C Bredemeyer, Hilversum, Holland, further details welcome. Scandinavian Copperware.






John D Brennan, worked in Detroit and was a member of the Detroit Arts and Crafts Society.  His son signs his work with a similar hammer and 'DB'  (Ack: Mary Ann  'Surfruss7086')






BREVETE S.D.G.D  (brevete sans guarantee du gouvernment) French commercial registration mark near equivalent to 'Patent applied for' because the mark was issued without examination of the design.  It is most frequently used after 1844 but the Wikipedia article lists the 1791 revolution statue as the start of the patent system. The 1800 & 1844 Statues to update the 1791 laws.  See page French Copper.

W. H. Briscoe & Co., Ltd., 120, Branston Street, Birmingham (1886),  51 Park St., Birmingham, Stampings, pierced sheet work, machined components.  By 1956 they were at Wharfdale Road, Birmingham 11.

Bristol Battery Brass, Somerset, England   See page Bristol Brass.



Bristol Brass USA, decorative housewares, founded 1991 in Bristol, Tennessee, now in Bristol, Virginia, USA.  There seems to be no connection with Bristol, England, where the British brass industry started. See page Bristol Brass.

Bristol Brass and Clock Co., CT.  USA.   See page Bristol Brass.


British United Clock Co., Birmingham. Maker of clock movements supplied to many makers of clock cases.



Charles Britton, 16, Theodore St., (c1900), then 186 Drews Lane, Word End Birmingham 8.   They specialised in making cycle pumps.

Bromsgrove Guild, Bromsgrove, near Birmingham, made the gates for Buckingham Palace, the gates of the Queen Victoria Memorial, the Bank of England and elsewhere including the decor of some ocean liners.

C J & H Brookes, 207, High St., Aston, Birmingham, Birmingham (Kelly 1936)  Buttons  Brooks Ward, 55 Tower Street, (1900), Samuel Brooks & Sons, stampers, 210 Lichfield Road, Aston (K1900).    Buttonmakers Birmingham.

Brooklyn Copper Cookware, makers of copper cookware, 68 Jay Street, Suite 201, Brooklyn, NY 11201, was 414 Albemarle Road, 1G, Brooklyn, NY 11218, 347-866-2600

Brooks, BCM/Brooks Birmingham mark on the lid of a foodwarmer burner identical to those frequently made by Sherwoods.

Thomas Brookes & Thomas Adams, 130, Barr Street, Birmingham.  Belt fittings, buckles.  They commenced business together in 1853 in Birmingham and in 1920 was incorporated as Brookes & Adams Ltd. and are now at Shady Lane, Kingstanding, Birmingham B44 9DX. Brookes & Adams Limited specialize in the manufacture of hot stampings in brass, naval brass, manganese bronze, aluminium bronze and copper materials as well as zinc diecastings and plastic mouldings.

Broughton Copper Co, Salford, Manchester founded 1864, bought by ICI Metals in 1934, moved to new factory at Kirkby, Liverpool in 1948. In 1958 a joint venture with Yorkshire Copper Works in Leeds was set up as Yorkshire Imperial Metals, then changed to IMI Yorkshire. In 2002 the company was sold to KM EuropeLtd (ex Kabelmetall). It was then sold on to Mueller Industries who announced closure of the site in 2015 with production being concentrated at Wednesbury Copper Tubes.

Harald Buchrucker, metalworker in Bauhaus style during the 1930s in Germany.  German Copper and Brass.





Buflam - see Chas. Twigg & Co, Ltd., Birmingham.  Marks T



James BUIST & Co, Spirit Level Makers and Optical Instrument Makers, Edinburgh. 1859 - 91, South Bridge Street; 1860-1884 5, Nicolson Street; 1885-1886 67, South Bridge Street.

Name changed to James Buist and Sons in 1887, 1887-1900, continuing at 67, South Bridge Street.



Burt Brothers, Crescent Copper Works, 7,8,9,10 &11 Edward Street, Parade, Birmingham, braziers, coppersmiths, metal spinners, stamped brassfounders, stampers and piercers, sheet metal pressings and workers in Erinoid casein plastics. (Kellys' 1946).  This photo of their trademark is taken from a souvenir ashtray issued to celebrate their 150th anniversary of being founded in 1892.


Bulpitt & Sons, Thomas Bulpitt 46, Northwood Street, Birmingham, later 153, Camden Street, . Founded 1868 as brass founders, they eventually progressed to specialise in making good quality brass holloware and copper presswork for kettles, etc., later 'Swan' Brand kettles. Besides 'Swan Brand', the company also marketed kettles under the names of Carlton, Empire, Westbury, Wikka Ware and Willow.  (Grace's Guide) They were taken over by BSR Group in the 1970's.  The firm was sold to the Moulinex Group in 1989 and the company name dissolved.

Stamp of Bulpitt & Sons,1900 with 'C&M' added for reason as yet unknown.  Swan Brand.


Alfred Bullpitt & Sons, 258 New John St. West, Birmingham, stampers.  (Kelly 1936)

Charles Bunn, Overend Street, then Harbut Street, West Bromwich, coach brass founder making carriage door locks and keys, dovetail catches, brass hinges, concealed hinges, spring curtain and blind fittings. Not in directories after c1900.
'Burmese'  mark found on dinner gongs of the period c1880-1910.  One of their gongs carries a design registration of 281240 which was registered in 1896 to William Suckling of 35, Albion Street, Birmingham, electro plate and gong manufacturers.


'Burmese'  mark found on dinner gongs of the period c1880-1910.  One of their gongs carries a design registration of 281240 which was registered in 1896 to William Suckling of 35, Albion Street, Birmingham, electro plate and gong manufacturers.


Burmos - see Townson & CoxsonLamp Makers.


J H Butler, hardware manufacturer and retailer, Wolverhampton, c1888-1970.  This is on the base of a well-used small jardinière. 






Laurence Butler,  Coppersmiths in Cornwall, production now of therapeutic bracelets.


Butte Copper Company, Montana.  Copper mine in Montana with the name continuing as a gist shop specialising in copper products. Mine history:

Buttons Ltd., in 1913 they had three works site, Portland Street, Worstone Lane and Clissold Street, Birmingham, making buttons, buckles and stampings. Trademarks include 'Three Domes' and crossed swords.   Buttons Birmingham.

WB Co  initials found on late Victorian candlesticks.  see  under Williams Bros.  & Co.



Butte Copper Mine, Montana. Now closed but the name continues with a gift shop. Butte History.

WB Co  initials found on late Victorian candlesticks.  see under Williams Bros  & Co.

C H Byron & Co. founded 1904 by Charles Hands in Oldbury in the Black Country.  In 2004 they moved to at Byron House, 34 Sherwood Road, Aston Fields, Bromsgrove Worcs B60 3DR.  Originally makers of machined brassfoundry, doorbells and pushes but now specialising in all types of home automation.  This mark found under a brass bell pull base.