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Peerage Brassware.

Peerage Candlesticks Catalogue.

J F Pool Hayle Coppersmiths.


O & S L  A Oakden & Sons Ltd., 86/90 Curtain Road, London EC2.  Stockists of builders ironmongery. 'O and SL' illustration to come.

olburyOlbury   Hand made copper and brass trays with a hammered finish and having regularly spaced dimples at the edges of the inside of the items.   The quality of the workmanship is equal to the simple but well made hammered copper trays often seen bearing the London mark 'J P' of John Pearson.  The style is similar so may well be a later abbreviation of Olney & Newbury.


olney newburyOlney & Newbury Ltd Art Metal, Icklford, Herts.  Mark on rear of a useful hammered copper tray.  The company was formed in 1923 by Francis Olney and Tom Newbury after they head served their apprenticeships with Walter and Arthur Witter from 1906 in 'The Ickleford Industries of Applied Arts'. (Thanks to Julie Extance). The Witter Collection including an Olbury and Newbury catalogue.

Onogonda Metal Shops OMS monogram mark, see Benedict page.

oregonOregon Brass Works, 1127, S. E. 10th Ave,  Portland, Oregon, began foundry operations about 1877 as Oregon Brass Foundry, becoming Oregon Brass Works by 1881. (Thanks to Pat Dolan).  Latterly they were making brass and aluminium castings until November 1998 (thanks to 'Dapeb') .  This mark found inside a brass art casting of superb quality.

orme evansOrme Evans & Co  (O & E Co) Elgin Works, Great Brickkiln Street, Wolverhampton.  This  mark is underneath an art deco candlestick.  They were founded in 1864 and took over Henry Fearncombe and the copperware business of John Marston in 1902.  They were showing no copper or brassware in their 1927 catalogue and seem to have ceased trading altogether in 1960, see the Wolverhampton History Society website.


This Orme Evans mark is under the name and instructions for a copper hot water bottle with the Shirleys' "Hecla" brand name usually associated with Alfred Shirley Ltd., 83, Clifford Street, Birmingham B19, hearth furniture, Hecla™ hot water bottles.


Ottone   Italian word for 'Brass'.

ottowayW. Ottway & Sons, London. The Ottway optical factory was in Ealing, making microscopes, telescopes, theodolites and similar instruments. This mark on a theodolite.


overtonWilliam Overton of Walsall, Black Country, quality horse brasses made during the early part of the 20th century (Photo by Michael Buckley)




pallisersPallisers, Wolverhampton, barfitters.  'Brass and copperware (and pewter) pieces are sometimes found marked "Pallisers" of Wolverhampton. Pallisers were bar fitters and it is not known that they had their own metal working factory. It is likely that these pieces were made for them by others.' (see Wolverhampton Metalware site)   Photo ack Jackie Fyers.


parker hale Parker-Hale, Birmingham. Brassfoundry founded in 1880s, became Parker-Hale in 1936, and subsequently P-H Arms Co. in 1940.



parker winder Parker Winder & Achurch,  Beehive Foundry, Brewery Street, Birmingham, B41.  Maker of stoves, safes and in this example brass locks for public toilets.




 Josiah Parkes & Sons Ltd., Union Street, Willenhall, founded c1840, taken over by Chubb & Son plc in 1965.Union Locks. Photo to come.

 S Parkes & Sons, Birmingham, rolled gold goods. Photo to come.

Parkinson Cowan, Stechford, Birmingham, see Monitor Engineering.

parkinson cowan Parkinson and W & B. Cowan, Birmingham, manufacturers mark on a spirit burner made in 1918.  They still manufacture cookers in the Tricity Bendix Group.



Parnall & Sons Ltd., Narrow Wine St., Bristol and other addresses.  The firm was founded by Henry Parnall in 1820, became limited in 1889, started making 'churn' weights in 1886 and 'bottle' weights in 1890.  For more details and other weight makers seeEnglish Weights and Measures.

  Parry & Bott Ltd.,   Birmingham, spirit levels.  (Possibly connected with Joseph Taylor Bott of Falcon Works, Glover St., maker of brass bedsteads c1900).

paul A G Paul, Salcombe, Devon, coppersmith.  This mark found under a copper chamberstick dated 1991.  Other items seen have been dated between 1978 and 1993.  It is said that the family was established previously.


 Paye & Baker, Arcadia, California, art metal souvenir specialists. Photo to follow.

 pearsonPearson, John, Cornish craftsman, Newlyn.  Signed some of his work with name and date. 



A 'JP' initials in a serrated oval mark was registered to him as a silversmith.




  J R Pearson, 63-69 Burlington Street, Aston and 34 Porchester Street, Birmingham B19 2JY.   Architectural metalware manufacturers established 1878, possibly as Sherrif & Pearson of 30½ High Street and 18a Bromsgrove Street, Birmingham. . Their trade mark is an 8-point star with JRP monogram therein.  They are now also at 27, John Adam Street, Adelphi, London WC2N 6HX, This mark on the reverse of a letter box flap.

battle brand


Battle BrandG W Pearce & Sons Ltd., 158 Chester St., Birmingham 6, from c1900 to c1995, holloware manufacturers, makers of good copper cookware for home, commercial and industrial uses.  Other metals also used.  (Thanks to Brian Hunt)


Pearson-Page, then Pearson Page Jewsbury, Soho Works, Birmingham, see Peerage.  Good reproduction brassware from early to mid 20th century that was not usually marked until after 1945 when the 'Peerage' brand came into use for current designs.  'PPJ' mark found on one item. 

 Peerage Brass,  Formed from Pearson Page Jewsbury .  Trade Mark registered to Pearson Page Jewsbury, Dulverton Road, Witton, Birmingham 6.  It lapsed 1971.



Mark of O Y Pelitos, Finland.  (Ack James Jackson)



 Penney, W & C Guernsey & Jersey Jugs (Creamers)

   Period Brass Co., 2, 3 & 60, Graham Street, Birmingham, 1950s, cabinet and reproduction brassware.

kabyle   B. Perkins & Sons, 123, Bermondsey Street, London, EC, Tin Plate workers and Japanners.  Makers of copper kettles under the 'Kabyle' registered brand name.

This mark under a jug made in Arabic style. The underneath is marked with Rd No 264447 of 1895 and trade mark of a crested shield quartered with BP&S initials surrounded by 'Established 1835 London'. The Kabyles are a Berber people whose homeland is the highlands of Kabylie in north-eastern Algeria.   

perry  Richard Perry & Co., Temple Street, Wolverhampton, in The Black Country, near Birmingham, their production included some art copperware designs by Christopher Dresser.  Without the name, this 'Staffordshire' knot emblem was also used by several other manufacturers including Thomas Richards of Birmingham.Wolverhampton Metalware.



John Phillips & Co, Glasgow,  17, Anderson Quay and 127 Hydepark Street,Glasgow.  Brassfounders and cooking apparatus. (Kelly 1927)


picardJ. Picard & Co., 140, Strand, then 117, Regent Street, London W (K1922).  Later, they moved to 6, Virgo St W1 and 10 Heddon St., W1.  ‘Coffee merchants and manufacturers of patent French coffee and tea apparatus and patent coffee roasters’.

The registration No. dates to 1922 so the Heddon St. address would be the same date or not much later. Registered Designs.

As retailers, their mark is found on good quality hammered copper coffee sets that include kettles, table burners, milk jugs, sugar and milk bowls. One of the items also has the mark of a French maker, others have been seen that were made by Henry Loveridge & Co. of Wolverhampton.


J W Pickavant & Co Ltd, Apkoway Works, Bow Street and 41, Frederick Street, Birmingham B1, ‘Quicko’ brand, sheet metal components and motor accessories including bulb cases 1930’s – 1950s. Photo to come.



Planboden with 'SUS in a cloverleaf trade mark  - see Schulte-Ufer.



J. W. Pole  mark on a cast mirror plate of  late Victorian period.  More details welcome.




George Polkey, 126, Pitsford Street, Birmingham makers of lamps. 


 J & F Poole Ltd, Hayle, Cornwall.  Hand wrought copper in Newlyn tradition but usually unmarked except for the occasional 'hand made' on a hammered finish. J & F Poole Hayle Copper.

p and h  Powell and Hanmer, P & H Ltd., Dartmouth Street, then Chester Street, Aston Manor, Birmingham (1929), 4, Ernest Street, B1 machined components, motor accessories including carbide/acetylene and electric lamps.(Photo thanks to Colin Ansell)



PPJ mark - see Pearson Page Jewsbury. Illustrations  Peerage

pratt nestor


Pratt, Henry ‘Nestor’ Nestor Works, Dean St Birmingham 5. Marks 'N'.



prattPratt & Son, were in Tavistock Street, Strand London and supplied ecclesiastical robes and hardware until about 1973.  This mark on a well cast brass vase.

preston  Edward Preston,  E. Preston & Sons, from c1880, Whittal Works, Whittall Street, Birmingham., carpenters' tools and patent corkscrews, c1900.  Also noted for Preston's Improved Power Corkscrew (see  'Mechanical Corkscrews' by Ferd Peter).

  B.P. Co./Flemish Copper. see Benedict.

 Josiah Pumphry, Newtown Row, Birmingham (c1829) then 25, Hick Street, Birmingham foundry making fire furniture and brackets. 

purely britishPurely British 'PB' unknown mark either side of a figure reminiscent of Britannia standing with trident.  Information welcome.





G & W Purser Ltd , Trafalgar Works, Palmer Street, first Listed in 1883 as measuring tape manufacturers, 1st listed as making Garden syringes in 1896. Not in Kelly directory of 1948.  (Notes from Adrian Lanchester-Hale.)