Makers' Marks U - V

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Veritas Valor.

Virginia Metalcrafters.

utah  Utah Copper mark on copperware made in the State that is also the home of Bingham Canyon Copper Mine, 'World's Biggest Hole in the Ground'.




 uww 'UWW' ,  Universal Wood Working Co., of Newhall Hill, (not far from Elkington's) tools, wood and fancy wares.




valorValor Co., Ltd., 67,69-72 Church Street- stampers and pieces. (1901), later the 'The Valor Co.', Aston Brass Co., Wood Lane, Bromford, Birmingham, makers of oil lamps and stoves. Lamp Makers S-Z

van erp Van Erp, Dirk Van Erp, Copper Shop, San Francisco, 1908-1977.

Several other marks are to be seen in the literature. The original Dutch-type windmill appeared in several guises.  In 1910 there was a box with ‘D’ARCY GAW and DIRKVANERP’ below a 19mm (3/4”) high windmill but in 1911 the name of D’Arcy Gaw was removed from the punch.  Later the word ‘SANFRANCISCO’ replaced the gap inside the box and it was also used adjacent to the box. 

Agatha van Erp used a tulip, another Dutch symbol, as her mark and Auguste Tieselinck used that of a clog above his ‘A’ over ‘T’ monogram.  William van Erp reduced the windmill to about 5mm (3/8”) over a closed rectangular box enclosing the word ‘DIRKVANERP’.  Other marks used included freestanding ‘HANDWROUGHT’ or ‘SANFRANCISCO’.

John Van Range Co Cincinnati, Ohio, Copper cookware. Marks Q-R.

Varley, Coalpit Lane, Nottingham. Coalpit lane was where modern Lower parliament street now stands near to the Nottingham Ice Stadium. Nottingham Copper Tankards.



Vaughtons Bros. 135 Constitution Hill, Birmingham, maker of badges and medals.




Verification and capacity marks only appear on measures of capacity.   A verification mark signifies that the measure has been officially inspected and found to be of the correct capacity.  Between 1826 and about 1878 each town generally had its own style of mark, but thereafter a uniform style was adopted consisting of a crown, the monarch's initials (i.e. VR or ER) and a number which signifies the location.  Measures were often inspected several times during their lifetime and thus can carry several verification marks. (Text from Pewter Society).

For a guide to verification marks, see 'Marks and Markings of Weights and Measures of the British Isles, Carl Ricketts, Devon, UK, 1996, ISBN 0 9528533 0 2.'  and websites.

Veritas Efsca Works, 84 & 85 Edward Street Parade, Birmingham (Falk Stedelmann Proprietors). Lamp Makers S-Z

vermont Vermont Copper Crafters in Townshend, Vermont, was founded in 1946 by Harry and Leonore McIntosh. The company’s original name was "Smith Craft Co."but was changed to "Vermont Copper Crafters" early in 1948. The company ceased trading in 1951 during the copper shortage of the Korean War. Mr McIntosh worked for Craftsman, Inc. for a short time before WWII, and the influence is clear.  (Details courtesy Bruce McIntosh and  Susan Walter)

"A Brief History of the Vermont Copper Crafters." "This richly illustrated history details the brief life of the Vermont Copper Crafters—AKA "Smith Craft Co."  80 of the company's known 113 items are illustrated in these pages, and many details for all of the 113 are included." It is in colour it costs $35 plus S&H, obtainable through Bruce McIntosh. [] 94pp. 21.59 cm x 27.94 cm, perfect binding, full-colour interior ink. ISBN: 978-0-615-26799-9 or it can be bought or downloaded.

vetcraftVetcraft Shops, Toronto, one of several shops set up to employ ex-servicemen after the 1914-18 war.  It was active from about 1919 until 1925, initially in College Street, later in an industrial building in Dundas West.  Other workshops made items such as furniture and toys.





Christopher I Vickers Specialist Maker of Arts & Crafts Metalwork at present including designs by Ernest Gimson & CFA Voysey. Arts and Crafts Design.




Victoria House copperware - See Hugh Wallis.



vikingViking Copper, M.S. Co. Canada, more information welcome.



villeGaranti Villedieu, found on useful and decorative copperware from several coppersmiths in Villedieu-the-Stoves in Normandy, France. French Copper.






Virginia Metalcrafters, Originally founded 1890. The 'VM' is usualy better defined. Virginia Metalcrafters.








Vivian & Son  Copper works in Swansea set up by the early copper entrepreneur, John Vivian. 





Vivian's 'V and S' mark seen raised on copper ingots resued from shipwrecks off the Welsh coast.