Scandinvian Copper and Brassware

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skultuna  Skultuna  Messingsbruk AB, Sweden,originally founded as a brass foundry, early production included candlesticks, chandeliers and brass sheetwork.  Later they started marketing copper cookware.  Of the six marks on their website, this one, found on a kettle, was used from 1892-1922.  The Swedish crown is above the maker’s name and a foundation date estimated as 1611. 
  King Karl IX founded the brass works in Skultuna, where the Svartån brook provided sufficient water power. Charcoal was available here as well, there was a harbour in Västerås and the copper mine at Falun was also close.  The foundry will celebrate 400 years of achievements in the year 2007.  It is not far from the Falun copper mine where copper has been extracted for 1,000 years.
skultuna This is a more recent version of the mark on a version of the traditional Swedish kettle.
  Beneath are illustrations of the two sides of a souvenir key ring.  From 1922 the mark was used with the correct year of foundation, 1607.
'SB' with Skultuna Swedish crown and 'No 3' under a candlestick.
bbc ABB, ASEA Brown Boveri, 'BBC', made to promote Brown, Boveri & Cie (BBC), a Swiss group of electrical engineering companies. It was founded in Baden, Switzerland in 1891 by Charles Eugene Lancelot Brown and Walter Boveri who worked at the Maschinenfabrik Oerlikon. In 1970 BBC took over the Maschinenfabrik Oerlikon and in 1988 it merged with ASEA of Sweden to form ABB.
boliden Boliden is the third largest supplier of copper in concentrates and copper cathodes in Europe.
bolinda   J & C G Bolinder, Stockholm, unknown mark on the handle of a kettle with typical Swedish knop made from bent copper strip.
5044   Dalarna, Sweden.  Mark on a modern Swedish spun copper sugarbowl.  The town is on the Dalälven River, near the old capital city (Falun) and the Great Copper Mountain (Stora Kopparberg) that has produced copper since around 1080ad.
erikson  Knut Eriksson Co, Cookware, Eskiltuna,South of Västerås Sweden. Possibly named after an early Swedish king.
eskiltuna Rademachersmedjorna Kopparsmedjan Eskiltuna, mark under a well-made copper tankard.  Maker's details would be welcome.
grilby Grillby Metallfabrik, Grillby, Sweden, makers of holloware including kettles.  This version of the ankh sign is from that used by Uppsala County in which the factory is situated.
7110 A&H Metal AB Trademark,  unknown mark, possibly Swedish, on a cooking pot similar to one in Fort Folle Avoine Historical Fur Trade Museum.  (Thanks to Laurie Southerton).
hellberg  C G Hellberg of Insjön, Sweden. This mark appears under a brass quaiche.  'Insjön is a locality situated in Leksand Municipality, Dalarna County, Sweden with 2,150 inhabitants in 2005.' (Wikipedia).  The shield with crown and crossed arrows is the county badge.
kdm  KDM, Royal Daalderop Holland, founded 1898, now make decorative pewter items.  Many of their art nouveau items come from original WMF moulds
kurz C Kurz & Co., Tiel, Holland, artmetal factory based in the same town as Daalderop and Metawa.
metada  N. V. Metawa, Tiel, Holland, name from 'metalware',  Trade name Metad'or for brass but also made pewterware, founded 1923 in the same town as Daalderop and Kurz.  Closed 1982, briefly revived but finally closed 1985. (information courtesy Aart W. Korstens)
metawa Another version of their mark.
mora  Mora, Sweden.  Mora is near to the Falun copper mined there since the 8th century. During the 16th and 17th centuries the Copper Mine formed a secure foundation of the Swedish economy and made it possible for Sweden to become a European Great Power.  The company, also known as ‘Bergslaget’, is nowadays part of the Stora Enso group.  This mark is on a modern copper scoop.   
  'Mora is the name of the county town of Dalarna and has around 10,000 inhabitants.  Human activity in the area dates back to c4,000 BC and some local buildings are from the 7th century.' (Wikipedia).
opa Mark of O Y Pelitos, Helsinki, Finland.  (Ack James Jackson)


Scandinavian Copper Development Association - Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway


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