McKechnie Bros

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 McKechnie Brothers, Aldridge, Birmingham. Brass extrusions, shapes, rods, tubes and forgings. Bearing brasses and bronzes. Excellently designed pen holder/paperweight cut from a special extrusion and polished. It was produced as a souvenir for the launch date of a new extrusion press.



The McKechnie Story' is a 29 page hardback book published privately by McKechnie Brothers Ltd. in 1965.  It covers many production sites including the original in St Helens 1871-1891, Widnes 1891 onwards, Birmingham 1894-1960, Aldridge (just to the North of Birmingham) from 1953 and others including Stratford, The Worcester Brass Company and companies overseas.



Promotional paperweight, now rare, promoting their 'Tank' Brand of bearing metals based on the World War I innovation.



The multiplicity of faces and complexity of this hot stamping shows what can be done given good die design and presses.



The Aldridge site was taken over by Boliden of Sweden and became  Outokumpu Copper MKM Ltd. 



It is now Bolton Brass, part of the Bolton Aerospace Group.