Earle Bourne and Co

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Earle Bourne & Co, Hopper St., Spring Hill, Birmingham, then Heath Street South, Birmingham 18.  They opened in 1874 and initially started to make tubes, bedstead fittings and drawn wires, late 19th century.  Later, they specialised in semi- finished products including special tubes, strip and sections.  The partnership of John Earle and George Bourne started in 1874 but from 1896 it was run by the Earle family. From 1922 the board was expanded.  They were taken over by Delta Metal Co.

Advert by Earle Bourne in 1903 Directory.





























At one time they had own their own narrow boats for use on the extensive Birmingham system. - ' Old Canal boat Leonard No.5 in Holly Bank Basin (?) of the Wyrley & Essington canal
Date unknown but pre 1900 - The narrowboat is from Earle Bourne & Co Ltd (Birmingham)' narrow boat Thanks to Dave Halstead.