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Samuel Heath.

Joseph Hinks Co.



Hagenauer Wien Carl Hagenauer, a goldsmith, established his workshop  in Vienna in 1898 with modernist designs.  Karl, his son succeeded in 1928  and continued designing products strongly  influenced by Hoffman and the Wiener Werkstätte.




Updated mark found under a copper chocolate pot made during 1950/60s.



hardman powellJohn Hardman Powell (1827-95), designer of metalwork and stained glass born Birmingham of brass founder William Powell and initially apprenticed to George Elkington and Birmingham School of Art then Pugin.  Became chief designer for John Hardman & Co.  In 1883 the company split and he remained with the stained glass side.   This mark is on a candlestick made for the Houses of Paliament.

hand mark


Hand mark, see Glander, Marks G





hs mark



HS, (or SH) monogram mark on a pen tray with a 1903 registration, Arthur John Seward.



HW, mark of Hugh Wallis 





Hall, Samuel, & Sons, Vanguard Works, Hay Mills, also Wrottesley Street, Birmingham,  mark found on an acetylene headlamp.  The makers name surrounds the letters F R & S trade mark.  (Photo courtesy Alex Marrack)




Detail of the F R S mark stamped on the body of the lamp. (Photo courtesy Alex Marrack)







Hammersmith Copper, now at Brooklyn Copper Cookware Ltd., 68 Jay Street, Suite 201  Brooklyn, NY 11201 USA.  (was at 209 Morgan Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11237-1017.)


harcourtHarcourts Ltd. Harcourt Brothers,  222 Mosley St. (Bristol Street), Birmingham B5, brassfounders, then electric lighting equipment.  c1850 1936.



Harris and Sheldon Limited, Birmingham, now a group company based at Meriden, near Coventry.    This mark on a good quality cabinet door handle.



R Harris (SpraygenTM(Reuben Harris), 12, Lower Tower Street (K1900), Rosenjet Works, 17/18 Buckingham Street (1931-1943),   55 Newhall Street, Birmingham B1, brassfounders, garden and oil syringes, hearth furniture.  1925-c2007.



A. J. Harrison, Birmingham  ., (Inc Kershaw) Bradford Street Works, B12, machine made brassfounding, stampings, rolled and extruded copper and brass, Mandarin Ware™ (Kelly 1936) 







Wm. A. Harrison, brassfounder and candlestick maker, Moat Row, Birmingham, 18th century. (see Butler), but in Park St. by 1818.  This mark is under the base of a candlestick.





Harrods, Quality department store, London.  They bought most of their brass and copperware from leading Birmingham  suppliers.  Still open.




Reference:  [Harrods] A Story of British Achievement, 1849-1949. London, [1949]

wilkes harrodsMark on good quality cookware made by E V Wilkes and sold by Harrods.  (Photo courtesy Chris Cope).  E V Wilkes






HartMatthew J. Hart and Sons, 36& 37 Great Barr Street, Birmingham,  manufacturers of tin, copper and brass plated wares during the late 19th century.  'Argyle' brand teapots.  MJH monogram in a heart under a teapot.  1879




'argyleArgyle' trade name on the handle of a teapot.  There is also an 1890 Rd No of 150094 covering the modern design of the teapot.








Hart and Son, Maker's mark on a copper water can.




Hart, Son, Peard & Co. Ltd., Grosvenor Works, Grosvenor Street West, Birmingham (1907) and at Sherbourn Street, Birmingham (1950), art metal workers. Birmingham Guild.

Hawes, Watering cans, Stourbridge, West Midlands, now in Smethwick, West Midlands.  In 1885, John Hawes patented his original design of water can with good balance when full and hawesnear-empty.  He lived in the Lea Valley, an area of market gardens that served London for many years but established the factory in the West Midlands.   From 1885, John Haws' factory was in Clapton, North East London.  After expansion, Haws Works was in Bishop’s Stortford from 1925-1953.  The brass medallion fixed to the top of the can featured the trademark hawthorn berries and leaves with the new address.  In 1950 the business was sold to Tala Law Co Ltd (Tala), part of the Metal Box Group of companies.  Tala were based in Stourbridge, West Midlands and continued production from 1953 – 1976 with the new address shown.  In 1976, Metal Box sold the business to Elliots, producers of plastic cans.  From 1982 the Company has been owned by Eclipse Sprayers of Smethwick, West Midlands.

G &J W Hawksley,   powder flasks, Sheffield



E W Hayden, USA Ansonia Copper and Brass

Hayle copper – unmarked, see J & F Poole.

H IV on Copper (Henry IV of France) French Copperfrench copper

Heafield & Taylor, 52/54 Holloway Head, Birmingham 1, architectural brassware.  By 1900, their address was the site of a temperance hotel.

Heath, Hicks & Perkins, weather instruments, Eltham, London

Heath, Samuel Heath & Sons (SH&S Ltd.)  Cobden Works, Leopold Street, Birmingham.  Founded c1820. Samuel Heath & Sons

Heaton & Taylor,  Goodman Street, Birmingham 1, successors to Lion Works .Buttonmakers Birmingham

Heaton & Dugard Ltd, Shadwell St and Princip St. Birmingham 4, (pre-1867) rolled and drawn metal, chains, bent wire goods.  Part of Delta Metal Group by 1946.

Hecla (Shirley's)  Hot water bottle makers.



Hellberg, Swedish Copper.






Helvetia - see the page fpr Jaeggi cookware.



Heinrichs, Joseph,  founded 1910, New York.  The mark on the right under a copper kettle.










Heintz Art Metal, New York and Paris, made useful decorative items.



The HEINTZ Art Metal Shop was established c1906 via name change of Art Crafts Shop by its co-proprietor, Otto Heintz who died in 1918 at age 41.  He was the son of a prominent Buffalo, NY manufacturing jewellery firm, Heintz Brothers, makers of Rings.  He worked in bronze and applied patina or silver.   This logo is underneath a letter rack/perpetual calendar.   (Thanks to David Surgan for this information.)






Henderson of Edinburgh, coppersmiths, further information welcome.




B. Henneberg, Warsaw, Poland, an art metalworks that was bought up by WMF (Wurttembergische Metallwaren Fabrik) circa 1900.  Copper from Poland

Fred Henry, Nottingham, mark under a copper tankard that was once silver plated, further details wanted. Nottingham Tankards.


Henry IV with armorial was used by a coppersmith in Pau, France.   See French Copper.

Hepp Brothers, Pforzheim, Baden Württemberg, Germany, makers of copper cookware.  German Copper


Hickman & Co were brass cock (tap or faucet) founders 358 Summer Lane, Birmingham listed in the 1878 directory but not later in 1903.


Hilton Ware.  This mark found under a copper tea caddy with an Arts and Crafts 'Voysey' inverted heart motif on each main face.  Underneath, it also has the mark of John Marston of Wolverhampton so must have been made about 1904. Coincidentally, at this time Robert Hilton was appointed Director of the Keswick School of Industrial Arts.  Is there an interesting link here?




J. Hinks, Joseph Hinks made many oil lamps and similar products. Lamp Makers A-R

Hernon Smith, coppersmiths of Dudley, Black Country making catering equipment.