Samuel Heath and Sons

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 Samuel Heath & Sons (SH&S Ltd.)   Leopold Street, Birmingham, was established in 1820 and at that time manufactured brass bedstead ornaments and candlesticks. In 1845 they became Heath & Lawton and started using a 'Heathware' Trade Mark. They changed the name to Samuel Heath in 1867, became a public limited company in 1890 and over the years have manufactured a diverse range of products.  Most were unmarked except for wartime production shsof rifle oilers and some oil lamp burners.  Still in business, their current product range at samuel-heath

This mark on an oiler.

  (Thanks to Ross Mellows for the ID.)

Enfield Oilers.

 Spirit Burners.

They also made pressure stoves and blowlamps under the 'Thermidor' brand and oil lamps. This mark is from a winder knob.




Here are three models of the famous 'Lipton's Tea' caddies produced for the Wembley 'British Empire' Exhibition in 1924, 1925 and 1926.  Also shown is a small kettle stamped 'A Present from Glasgow' from liptonanother exhibition.  Most of these useful souvenirs have been in use and it is rare to find one in perfect condition.








This intricate monogram with 'LD' also in the top is sometimes seen underneath small copper pots or jardinières of Edwardian arts and crafts style with scrolls and motifs.  There is also a registration mark Rd No 473871 which was registered to Samuel Heath & Sons Ltd on the 13th February, 1906.





An example of a current Samuel Heath product, label and wrapping paper.




Samuel Heath & Sons took over RM Manufacturing & Engineering Ltd (RM Brand) in May 1950, Perkins and Powell in 1958 and the Adams Tap  Co. in 1995.