Birmingham Brass Makers

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Birmingham - Home of Metal 1850 - 1950

This page includes a selection of manufacturers of brass and copper items mostly for domestic use.  The list includes roughly 200 of those who were in business during the 18th, 19th and/or 20th centuries.    During this time there were about 3,000 makers whose names appear somewhere in the annual directories.  The names mentioned are mostly those who marked their products, some of which may still be found second hand.  Other names have come to light as I skimmed through the books of Registered Designs at the National Archives.

The information shown here and in the linked entries is generally basic but all that is known by me is included.  If more information is needed on particular firms the best initial source will be the Birmingham Central Library.  Some firms have been identified only by tracing Registered Design Numbers at the National Archives in Kew, London.  When a year date is shown it is the year of the commercial directory used and is just one of the years in during which the company operated.

The Birmingham coat of arms is surmounted by an arm and hammer, simbolic of the industries that made the city prosper.


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Adie Bros, Atlas Works, Soho, Birmingham & 110 Great Hampton Street, Birmingham (Kelly 1936) and by 1950 Adie Manufacturing Co., Forster Street, Aston Cross, Birmingham, makers of whistles etc. (1940)                                        Adie
C J (Charles Joseph) Adie & Nephew 156 Warstone Lane, Birmingham, whistles, cycle pumps.                                                                                                     
Acme - trade mark for whistles made by James and Joseph Hudson and Co.          Acme
Albion Lamp Co., Ltd.  (Rippingills)  Aston Booth Lamp Works, Aston Road North, Birmingham                                                                                            
Alderson & Gyde, 36/7 Hall St., Birmingham 18, brassfounders and hearth furniture, catering supplies, (1952).                                                                      Alderson & Gyde Marks A
Frank Allart & Company Ltd, 15/35 Great Tindal Street, Ladywood, Birmingham,  B16 8DR, architectural hardware.                                                                 Frank Allart & Co
H Allday  Buttons.  P G Allday & Co 117, 119 & 121 Northwood St Birmingham 3  (1946).                                                                                                                Allday
E A Allen & Co, (Edwin Alfred Allen) 34, Loveday St (1835) then 67 and 68 Mott Street, St Georges, Birmingham, (K1900) waiter and tray manufacturers, stampers and piercers. (Rd Nos 387901-6).                                                                                E A Allen
Allen Everitt & Sons, Kingston Metal Works, Cambridge St.  Birmingham.         Allen Everitt & Sons
Armac Manufacturing (Brassfounders) Ltd,    Armac Brassworksis part of a group of companies that include our own foundry – Dunton & Marston Ltd and Frank Allart & Co. Ltd as stand-alone individual companies. We also include Brass Turned Parts Ltd as part of the group although they merged with Armac in 2004 as well as Bentley Brassware who also merged with Armac back in 2003. Add to the mix their distribution company, Martin & Co. and you have the full set!                               Marks A
E.Armfield Birmingham, Armfield, Edward. (also William.) Newhall St. (1829) Armfield & Co. Ltd. 7&8 St Paul’s Square (1936)  51, Carpenter Road, Birmingham 15 1763 to date, (1946),  livery, crest and general button makers.                                  Buttonmakers Birmingham
Artingam and Smith – Birmingham, cock makers (now taps or faucets).  Possibly descended from Smith & Meddings, 35, Stanforth Street, cock makers (W1835) although by 1846 the proprietors name had changed to J Barlow & Co (W1846), bell, candlestick and cock makers.                                                                                           
Ash Bros and Heaton, Caledonia Works, Dartmouth Street, stampings and tinners, later Thomas Ash and Company, variously found at 83 and 85 Northwood Street, 175, Camden Street, and 10, Berkley Street, all in Birmingham                                 
Aston Brass & Engineering Co. Wood Lane, Bromford, Erdington, Birmingham.  (Proprietors Valor Co.)                                                  Marks A
Aston Chain and Hook Co. Ltd., 29, Whitehouse Street, Aston, Birmingham, (pre 1907) then in the 1930s to a new factory in Bromford Lane, Erdington, Birmingham.  Bought out by Enfield Rolling Mills, then Delta Metal Co         Marks A

J A & S Ltd., Buttons  John Aston & Co. Eagle Button Works, Summer Hill Road, Birmingham                                                                                            
Auster, Henry W Auster, Brassfounder, 59, Skinner Lane, Birmingham, c1878. Marks A

William & Thomas Avery, 12. Digbeth & Moat Lane (Slaters 1852) makers of precision decorative needle cases (1829).  No family connection yet confirmed with:-          
W & T Avery (William and Thomas Avery) Atlas Works, West Bromwich, Mill Lane and Moat Lane Works in Birmingham, scale makers later took over the Soho Manufactory of Boulton & Watt, Birmingham in 1897.  Founded 1813 from business of Joseph Bladon, now Avery Weightronics in Smethwick.       Marks A

Badelows copper cookware - maker as yet unknown.                          Marks B
William Henry Bagley (renamed from Stampings Alliance Ltd of Argyll St., Nechells) Viaduct Works, Aston, Birmingham  (1900)                                        Marks B
Bailey Gill, - see Leslie & Co.                                                               Marks L
Bailey & Mackey,  Durable Works, 173 & 174, Great Hampton Row, Birmingham,   (1913).  By 1956 they were at 7, Baltimore Road, Great  Barr.  Architectural brassfoundry, lock and latch furniture.                                                 Marks B
William Bailey (Birmingham) Ltd., 38, 39 & 69, Weaman St., Birmingham.          
Bancroft Brothers, die sinkers and solitaire makers, had premises at 170, Hockley Hill, Birmingham, from 1871-1910.                                                               
Barker & Allen Ltd., Spring Hill, Birmingham, makers of nickel silver (German silver) (1900) and bronze strip and wire, taken over by Enfield Rolling Mills, then Delta Metal Co.                                                                                                                Marks B
Barker Bros, Northwood Street, then 103½ Cheapside, Birmingham, brassfounders.        
James Barlow, Fisher St.?  Birmingham patent candlestick maker and bells.  Correct ID?.                                                                                                                 
James Barkly, 38, Colehill St., Refiners of Brass.  (1770)                   
James Barwell, Fiddan Foundry, Great Hampton Street,  bellfounder,  1870-1920                                                                                                                Marks B
Bates & Sons. 77 Spencer St., Birmingham B18 6DE   relatively recent production of items such as trays and souvenirs (Bates Brass ™)  Possibly later Bates & Fellows (below).                                                                                                                Marks B
Bates & Follows of 52, Frederick Street, Birmingham, B1 (Showrooms) 1970s.    
Battle Brand™ copper cookware - maker's name as yet unknown.      
‘Beacon™’  and 'Beaconite™', Trade Marks of Smith & Davis Ltd, Beacon Works, Birmingham. (1953)                                                                              Marks S
Benham & Sons of London, 66, Wigmore Street and branches, later at Alcester Road South, King’s Heath B14 and Strafford House, Strafford Place Birmingham B12.  – Copper cookware  (1959 Kelly)                                                                         Benham & Froud
J. J. Bent & Co, Charlotte Rd, Stirchley, Birmingham, brassfounders, later Bent & Parker, Ltd. Of Harpers Hill Works, Northwood Street, St. Pauls, Birmingham (K1900), then Pembroke Street Works, Worstone Lane, making belt buckle and bracelets.          Marks B
Bentley Brassware, ornamental brassware manufacturers, Bentley Mill Way, Walsall WS2 0LA, part of Armac Manufacturing Group.                                          Marks A
Benton and Stone, Bracebridge Street, Birmingham, (ENOTS)  Art Metalware, gas fittings, sprayers and, later,  motor car accessories (1901 Kelly).  By 1926 they were at 6, Aston Brook Street (tube works, lubricators, syringes, sprayers, etc.) and Witton Road.                                                                                                                Marks B
Beresford and Son, Cato Street Works, Birmingham 7, manufacturers of brassfoundry, spring hinges, pumps and other hardware for railway cariiages and general purposes. Moved to Marston Green c1951        Marks B

John Berry, 25, New Hall Street (S1770), then 44 New Hall Street by 1780, Birmingham, jewellers, lapidary and brass coin weights.                                            
Best & Lloyd, Cambray Works, Wattville Road, Handsworth B21, founded c1840 as Robert Best, Ludgate Hill, Birmingham, brassfounders, light fittings.  (Slaters 1852, Kelly’s 1953).  At the 1851 Great Exhibition Salt & Lloyd showed candelabra, gas lamps and a chandelier                                                                                               Marks B
Bevan & Flemings (patentees and makers of 'Thermoterion' insularted containers)  1878.  Maker's name and address??                                   
Thomas Bingham, 12, New Hall Street, then 54 Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham bucklemaker and nutcracks 1770 – 1790.  ‘TB’ maker's mark.                                   
Birmingham Badge Co    1930s?  Maker's address??                            
Birmingham Brass Co., Broad Street, Birmingham  (1829)                  
Birmingham Battery Metal Co., Ltd.  Digbeth then Bristol Road, Selley Oak, Birmingham, B29.  Original founder was James Gibbons, Ludgate Hill, Birmingham, brassfounder (W1846) and keeping the family connections for many years, later proprietors of Guests Brass Stampings Co. and Charles Ellis & Sons.  (1960s)                     Marks Bi-Bq
Birmingham Engineering Company Ltd, 53 Pershore Street, Birmingham', makers of gauges and ship’s lamps.                                                                        
Birmingham Guild School of Handicrafts founded formally in 1890  there was a merger with E & R Gittins in 1905.  In 1919 there was a further merger with Hart, Son & Pearl.  At premises in Grosvenor Road West and Sherbourne St, B16, the brand was still shown in directories for 1950.                                                                               Birmingham Guild
Birmingham Mining & Copper Co.                                               
Birmingham Mint                                                                              Birmingham Mint
BSA Birmingham Small Arms Company, locations at Small Heath, Montgomery Street in Sparkbrook, Redditch and Coventry Rd.  Birmingham.                       Marks Bi-Bq
Thos. Edward Bladon & Sons 4, James St., Birmingham (1886), 46, 99 & 101, Northwood Street, Hockley, Birmingham, (previously John Bladon of Constitution Hill (K1829), then William Erhard Bladen, c1905) makers of cart lamps. Tinplate and blowlamps.   Marks Bi-Bq
Thomas Bland & Sons. . 41, 42 & 43 Whittall Street, Birmingham.  Gun manufacturer and merchants, machined brass products including oilers.                         Marks Bi-Bq
William Blews (W Blews & Son), Spring Hill, Birmingham. William Blews & Sons, 9, 10,11-15 New Bartholomew Street, Birmingham, bell founders. (Slaters 1852)  At the Great Exhibition of 1851 their exhibits included candle lamps candlesticks, bells and Imperial weights and measures.  They were established 1732, still going strong in 1890 but by 1900 their premises were occupied by Henry Bissecker, church bell and general brass founders.                                                                                                                Marks Bi-Bq
 Bliss Brothers, 50 & 52 Alston Street, Ladywood  Birmingham, B16.  Makers of buttons. (1894)                                                                                                      
Bloore & Piller Brassfounders trade catalogue 1945.  Hockley Street, Birmingham.          
Bocock and Wilkinson, 123, Great Hampton Street, (1903), later Bocock and Sons, lamp makers.                                                                                                    
Bodill Parker,  Bodill & Co., Ltd., Broad Street Metal Works (1886) then Bodill Parker c1899, Later reorganised as Bodhill Parker (1922) Ltd.,  Albion Works, 33 & 36, Great Hampton Row, Birmingham, B19, cabinetmakers brassfoundry.       Marks Bi-Bq
Thomas Bolton & Sons, copper smelters and manufacturer of copper and brass, initially in Birmingham.  Thos Bolton & Son, copper refiners at 168 Regent Street around 1925.                                                                                                                Marks Bi-Bq
Samuel Booth Junior and William Tonks Breedon trading as Samuel Booth and Company, Cheapside Works, 106, 154 to 157 Cheapside, Birmingham, chandelier, gas and water fitting manufacturers.  By 1900 the name of William Tonks was not used.             
Matthew Boulton, entrepreneur with James Watt in early production of steam engines and many other products at Soho Works including Soho Manufactory and Soho Foundry.                                                                                                                Marks Bi-Bq
Mrs A Bowler, 218 Burbury Street, Lozells, Birmingham (Kelly 1936)  Buttonmaker.      
T Bradburn & Sons, Birmingham. Ruler maker.                                 Marks Br-Bz
C Brandauer & Co, 401-414 New John Street West, Birmingham B19. ‘Queens Own’  pen nibs.                                                                                                         
Brass & Alloy Pressings Ltd., Liverpool St. Deritend, Birmingham. Marks Bi-Bq
W H Briscoe & Co. Ltd, 51, Park Street, Birmingham.  Stampings, pierced sheet work, machined components.  By 1946 they were at Wharfdale Road, Birmingham 11.  Marks Bi-Bq
British Brass Fittings Limited, 100, Moorson Street, Birmingham.   Filed a design registration  17/03/1926.                                                                         
British United Clock Co., Ltd., Leamington Road, Gravely Hill, Birmingham, provided the brass clock movements to be fitted in many cast brass ornamental cases.   
Charles Britton, 16, Theodore St., (K1900), then 186 Drews Lane, Worlds End Birmingham 8.    Cycle pumps.                                                              
Brookes & Adams, 17 & 19 Barr Street, Birmingham B19.  Pressings and machining. (1900)                                                                                                     Buttonmakers Birmingham
Brookes, Ward & Co., 55, Tower Street, Birmingham stampers, piercers, manufacture of gas fittings and stoves.                                                                            
C J & H Brookes, 207, High St., Aston, Birmingham (Kelly 1936)  Buttons  Brooks Ward, 55 Tower Street, (1900), Samuel Brooks & Sons, stampers, 210 Lichfield Road, Aston (K1900).                                                                                                 Buttonmakers Birmingham
Thomas Brookes & Thomas Adams, 130, Barr Street, Birmingham.  Belt fittings, buckles                                                                                                                Marks Br-Bz
William Bissett Brown, Clissold Lamp Works, New Spring Street, Young’s Paraffin Light and Mineral Oil Company Limited of 13, Bothwell Street, Glasgow.   09/04/2025             
Bulpitt & Sons, (Thomas) 46, Northwood Street, Birmingham, later, (K1900), St George’s Works, Icknield Street Birmingham B18 and Swansea Works, 153- 157, Camden Street, B1 taken over by BSR Group in the 1970’s.                                               Marks Br-Bz
Alfred W Bullpitt & Sons, 258 New John St. West, Birmingham, B19, stampers.  (Kelly 1936)                                                                                                      Marks Br-Bz
Charles Bunn Harbut Street, West Bromwich with logo in circle with cross.  Not in directories after c1900                                                                           Marks Br-Bz
'Burmese™' – see William Suckling                                                   Marks Br-Bz
Burt Bros, 7-11 Edward Street, Parade, Birmingham B1 Coppersmiths (c1900), most brassware seems to be marked during 1950s- 60s.                               Marks Br-Bz
Burmos™ – see Townson & Coxson                                                      
Buttons Ltd., in 1913 they had three works site, Portland Street, Worstone Lane and Clissold Street making buttons, buckles and stampings. Trademarks include ‘Three Domes’ and crossed swords.                                                                               Buttonmakers Birmingham
Carr Hills and Company Limited, 250 Icknield Street, Birmingham, Art Metal Works.  21/09/2008                                                                                 
O. Carter & Co, 69, New Town Row, Birmingham, button makers.  Buttonmakers Birmingham
James Cartland & Sons, founded as Dyer and Cartland in Loveday St. Before 1820,   Brass foundry, candlesticks, trivets, etc., Weaman Row, then Armoury Close. Lt Green Lane, Small Heath, Birmingham, also at Great Western Brassfoundry, Constitution Hill, Birmingham.  Founded c1823 and owned and run by the Cartland family until shortly before closure, c1955.  James Cartland & Son Ltd Armoury Close Works, Bordeseley Green, Birmingham.                                                                              James Cartland & Co
Catherine Clews, 2, New Canal Street, Birmingham, candlestick maker.  (Slaters 1852)  
James Clews, 78, Baggott Street, Birmingham, brass founder.  (Slaters 1852)  195 Aston Road, Birmingham, Bell Founder (1867)                                              James Clews Family
Joseph Clews, 63, Great Lister Street, Birmingham, brass candlestick maker.       
William Clews, Gem Street, Birmingham, brass founder. (Slaters 1852)     
Allen James Clews, 101 Moland Street, Birmingham and 194 & 195, Aston Road,   By 1943 at Waterloo Metal Works, Lewisham Rd., Birmingham, kettles, candlesticks, bells, etc.                                                                                                          James Clews Family
Joseph Clews 14, Moland Street, Birmingham. 1835  Brass candlestick maker     James Clews Family
Samuel Clews, brass tea kettle and knocker manufacturer, 6 Court, Oxford Street, Birmingham 1835                                                                                   
Clews, F & H, 105 Moland Street, bucklemakers, taken over by Pearson Page Jewsbury in the 1930s.                                                                                               James Clews Family
Chas Clifford & Sons Ltd., Fazeley Street, and Dogpool Mills,  Dogpool Lane, Selly Park, Stirchley, Birmingham.                                                                         Marks C
James Collins, 26, Cumberland Street, Birmingham, brassfounder, hinge makers  (arrow through circle) in 1947 and the firm moved to a works near Salford Bridge.  Makers of the spherical ‘Toddy Kettle™’ and ‘Arrow™’ brand hinges.                    Marks Co-Cz
H. S Cooke & Co., 116 Northwood St., Lakeside, Redditch, Birmingham, still making springs Trade name ‘Protex™’ oilers.                                                  Marks Co-Cz
Cope and Timmins Limited, Icknield Square, Birmingham, cabinet brassfounders and art metal workers.  See also Davis & Timmins.                                         Marks Co-Cz
Coseley Brass Foundry, White Street, Coseley, Staffordshire.                          Coseley Brass
A De Courcey and Company, 28½ Mary Street, St Pauls, whistle manufacturers.  03/10/1890                                                                    
Cowley & James of Walsall 1851 Exhibition p159 brass 3-light chandelier with floral ornaments and counterweights.                                                              
Crown Copper Co.                                                                                 
Cox Wilcox and Co., lamps and stoves.  Cox Wilcox & Co. Birmingham-Lampmakers/ Retailers.   Cox,Wilcox & Co.,  Ten Acre Works 1117 Pershore Road, Stirchley West Midlands B30 2YL                                                                                 Marks Co-Cz
Crane Industries Birmingham, (not the Wolverhampton foundry), taken over in the 1930s by Jewsbury (Hornsby's book, p47)                                                       Marks Co-Cz
Crofts & Assinder, (C & A), 138, Anglia Street, then Lombard St., Birmingham, founded 1875 still in production of hardware.                                                    Croft & Assinder
Currie & Warner, Powell Street, brassfounders in Summer Hill from before 1865 and still machining brass.                                                                                    Marks Co-Cz
Cycle Components Mfg Co Ltd. 9, Dale End, Selly Oak, Birmingham, makers of accessories such as brass pumps.  1897 – 1902                                     
Davies and Hill, 56-60, Pritchett Street, Birmingham B6. 'Davill' Brassfoundry    Marks D
Davis & Mawson, 17 & 20 Cardigan Street, Birmingham, then Plumcoid Works, Plume Street, Aston, Birmingham, brassfounders, oilers.                               Marks D
Maurice Davis and Heaps, 47, Frederick Street, Birmingham, B1, now Mosda.  Fancy goods, cigarette lighters.                                                                        Marks D
Davis and Timmins, 109-111 Pope Street, St Pauls Birmingham B1.  Est. 1876, making pressings and machining.                                                                        
Delta Metal Co, originally at Greenwich, London, on the site now occupied by the Millennium Dome and at Dartmouth Street, Birmingham, Greets Green Road, West Bromwich and in Wolverhampton.                                                       Producers
Derricourt Brassware Ltd., ‘Lombard™’. Great Tindale Street, Birmingham 16,  see ‘LOMBARD’                                                                                         Marks L
Derverlea Products Ltd., 44 Princip Street, Aston Cross, Birmingham, decorative hollowware. 1930’s -1960s.                                                                   Marks D
Desmo, Scholefield Road, Birmingham 7, accessories for motor cars and aircraft.                                                                                                                Marks D
M Dowler & Son, Great Charles Street, Birmingham, candlestick maker.  (Commercial Directory 1816-17)                                                                                 
Thomas Dowler, 91, Great Charles Street, Birmingham, brass fire furnishers and manufacturers. (Wrightson 1835)                                                          
William Dowler & Sons. Graham St. Works, Birmingham 1 (in 1946) Founded 1774, probably as Thomas Dowler of Great Charles Street, brass candlestick makers.(RR1780).  By 1846 they are listed as medalists. Amalgamated with Firmin in 1969.                                                                                                       Buttonmakers Birmingham
J. Dugmore & Sons, Quinton, Birmingham.  Buttons.  More information welcome.          
Earl Bourne & Co, Birmingham Tube Works, Hopper St., Spring Hill, Birmingham , bedstead fittings, drawn wires, late 19th century.  Taken over by Delta Metal Co.  Marks E
Donald Edward, , Birmingham, garden sprays.                                    Marks E
Elkington & Co, Newhall Street and other sites, founded in Birmingham in the 1810s as Elkington and Geddes .   Hot brass pressings made at Tower Street and Brearly Street, B19.  The classic Newhall Street building was later used to house the Birmingham Science Museum for a period but is now being redeveloped.  London Office in 1926 at 20 & 22 Regent Street, moved to 136 Regent Street by 1929.                            Elkington & Co.
Henry H Ellaway, 48/52 Lombard Street, Birmingham, Brassfounders.      
Geo. Elliot, 398-402 Park Road, Hockley Birmingham 18 (Kelly 1936)  Cycle pumps.     
Elliott’s Metal Co., Ltd., 83 Colemore Road and at Selly Oak, Birmingham and at Pembury Copper Works, Barry Port, South Wales.  Elliot’s Patent Sheathing & Metal Co, sales offices at 9&11 Irwell Street, Liverpool around 1873.  Later taken over by Imperial Metal Industries (IMI).                                                                                      
Elpec - Lloyd Pascal & Co                                                              Elpec Brass
Elvicta Elliott-Lucas, Church Street, Oldbury,  near Birmingham, small tools including levels and gauges                                                                                    
Essor Manufacturing Co Ltd., Birmingham,  24-28 Bishop St., Birmingham 5, (in 1946) Brassfounders and Engineers  founded 1924 from the firms of Henry Ellaway, George Hopkins & Co., and F A Harrison Ltd..                                                 Marks E
'ETAS'  Enoch Tonks & Sons Ltd., Temple Works, Temple Bar, Willenhall, West Midlands.  They made locks under the 'ETAS' Trade Mark especially coin operated locks for public conveniences.                                                                        Marks T
Evans Bros, 108 Camden Street, Birmingham, tool brokers.                
Evans and Matthews, 79 & 80, Bull St., Birmingham, ironmongers and cutlers.  Marks E
Evered & Co., Surrey Works Lewisham Road, Smethwick, Birmingham and at Barnet Works, Devonshire Street, Birmingham (K1900).  Their trade mark was a shield with RE&S inside, E&C underneath and they made tubes, sheet, strip, lighting fittings and bedsteads.                                                                                               Marks E
Allen Everitt & Sons, Kingston Metal Works, Cambridge St (Wrightson & Webb 1835), then Adderly Street (Kelly 1867), manufacturers of sheets, strip and tubes in copper and brass.                                                                                                      Marks E
EVW – Wilkes, Edward Villers, 12, Lower Priory, near Colmore Circus, Birmingham    E V Wilkes
Ewart and Son Ltd., 25a Paradise Street, Birmingham, geysers and water heaters.                                                                                                                Marks E
Extruded Metals Co, 160 Dartmouth Street,  Kelly 1936.  Later Delta Extruded Metals.  
Falk, Stadelmann & Co., Veritas House, Lionel Street, Birmingham. They took over many other manufacturers of oil lamps as the market shrank.  Head office in London.   Lamp Makers
Fattorini & Sons, Thomas Fattorini, Bradford Works, Barr Street, Birmingham.  Medallists, still in business.                                           Buttonmakers Birmingham
W. Fiddian & Co., Great Hampton Street, Birmingham, makers of brass candlesticks and bells from before 1816, c1870 taken over by James Barwell.              Marks B
Firmin & Sons Ltd., Globe Works, Villa Street, Aston, button makers.      Buttonmakers Birmingham
Fisher Ludlow, originally Fisher and Ludlow of 29, Rea St., Birmingham.  Now the name is based in Canada.                                                                                    Marks F
Four Oaks Spraying Machine Co., Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham.  Sprayers mainly for garden use.                                                                                             Marks F
Joseph Fray Ltd., 36, Albion St Birmingham 1, jewellers, medallists and manufacturing jewellers.                                                                                                 
W T French & Co, 23, St. Mary Street, Ladywell, Birmingham, later of Browning Street, Ladywood B16, horticultural brassfounders, makers of ‘Mysto™’ garden sprays. Marks F
Percy Gabriel & Co, founded as a brass foundry in 1884 at 4 & 5 AB Row, Birmingham, (on the border between Birmingham and Aston Manor) making brass components including oilers.  They moved to Tyseley in 1996, now specialises in stainless steels.           Marks G
Garratt & Wilkly, stampers, 14n Aldridge Rd, Perry Bar, Birmingham.     
'Garrison™'   see Newton Shakespeare & Co.                                   Marks N
Gaskell & Chambers, Dale End Works, 50 & 52 Dale End, then 38-44 Coleshill Street, Birmingham (also see Lawden & Poole)  coppersmiths.                      Marks G
J R Gaunt & Sons, (prior to 1913 trading for 200 years as Ed Thurkle in Woostone Parade) 33, Clifford St., Aston, Birmingham.                                                    Buttonmakers Birmingham
W T George, 123 Bishop Street, Birmingham, lamp maker.  Founded by William Thomas George and continued by son William.                                                  
Edward Gill,  54 Hylton St., Birmingham 18, buttons.                         
S Gill & Co., Ltd., 185 Brearly Street, Birmingham, electrical horn makers.         Marks G
Gomm Manufacturing Co., Ltd., 56 Hockley Hill, Birmingham B 18. Electroplate & cutlery manufacturers. Possible connection with Charles Isles and Gomms Ltd.  Mid 20th century production, ‘WEBAWARE™’ Trade Mark lapsed 1950.        Marks G
Greatrex Ltd, Metal caster 232a Aston Road, Aston Cross, Birmingham.  
Griffiths & Browett, 68 Bradford Street, Birmingham (c1867), coppersmiths, iron and tinplate workers. Copper Samovars.                                                      Marks G
James Griffiths, 65 ½ Emily St. 1903.                                                  
Guests Brass Stamping Co., Selly Oak, B29, hot stamping makers founded by Samuel Guest, later taken over by Birmingham Battery Metal Co.                  Guest Brass Stamping
'Gunga Din™'  see Moorgate (Birmingham) Ltd.                                Marks Me-Mz
Hall, Samuel, & Sons, Vanguard Works, Hay Mills, Birmingham, also Wrottesley Street, Birmingham (c1901) oilers and headlamps.  They may have used the 'SHS™' logo as well as Samuel Heath.                                                                                    Marks H
Mr Hands of Birmingham. (which one?) Listed in the 1851 Exhibition catalogue as making curtain pins and cornice pole ends with floral decoration of stamped and engraved brass.                                                                                                                 
John Hands, 8 Prospect Row, Birmingham, brass founder. (Slaters 1852)  
Joseph Hands, No 4 Court, Brewery Street, Alcester Street, Birmingham, brassfounder. (Slaters 1852)                                                                                          
Thomas Hands, No 9 Court, High Street, Deritend, brazier etc.  (Slaters 1852)      
James Harcourt, Staniforth Street, Birmingham, brassfounder (1816).  At the Great Exhibition of 1851 their exhibits included two bell pulls and a vase that were appreciated by the reviewer.                                                                                       
Harcourt Brothers, Harcourts Ltd., 222 Mosley St. (Bristol Street), Birmingham B5, brassfounders, then electric lighting equipment.  c1850 1936.            Marks H
Harcourt & Moss, 2, Brook Street, Birmingham, brass founders.  .  (Slaters 1852)                                                                                                                Marks H
Harris & Sheldon, Ltd., Stafford Street, Birmingham. Now shopfitters.    Marks H
R Harris, (Reuben), 12, Lower Tower St. (K1900) then 55 Newhall Street, Birmingham B1, brassfounders, garden and oil syringes, hearth furniture (Mysto™,  Spraygen™)               
A. J. Harrison, (Birmingham) Ltd., (Inc Kershaw) Bradford Street Works, B12, machine made brassfounding, stampings, rolled and extruded copper and brass, Mandarin Ware™                                                                                                                    Marks H
James Harrison 20, Wood Street, Birmingham, brass candlestick maker.   
Wm. A. Harrison, brassfounder and candlestick maker, Moat Row, Birmingham, 18th century.(see book by Butler).  Park St. (1818)                               Marks H
Matthew J Hart & Co., 35, Great Barr St. Metal workers Refs 1890-1928.  Possibly later Hart Son & Pool who took over the Birmingham Guild name.            Marks H
Hart Foundry, Hart, Son, Peard & Co Ltd, Grosvenor Works, Grosvenor Street West Birmingham B16 and in London.  Founded c1842 by Joseph Hart and then merged with Peard & Jackson.  Art metal workers.                                                   Birmingham Guild
A Hart & Sons, 14, Scholefield Street, Birmingham B7, brass founders and sheet metal workers.                                                                                                   
Hawes, Watering cans, Stourbridge, West Midlands.  Elliott of Walsall    Marks H
H & H   Buttons,  Hall & Hawkley, Clifford St., Lozells & 47 Furnace Lane, Lozells, Birmingham.                                                                                          Buttonmakers Birmingham
Heafield & Taylor, 52/54 Holloway Head, Birmingham 1, This was the site of a temperance hotel by 1900.                                                                     Marks He-Hn
Samuel Heath & Sons, Cobden Works, Leopold Street, Birmingham, B12, stampings, spinnings and finishing, SHS™                                                            Samuel Heath & Sons
Ralph Heaton, Bath Street, Birmingham brass founder, then mint and medallist.
Heaton, Birmingham, safe makers.                                                       
Heaton & Taylor, Goodman Street, Birmingham 1, were at Crooked Lane (1930), 100 Summer Hill Road (K1936) successors to Lion Works.   Probably founded c1820s as Heatons Brothers of Shadwell St Mills making wire shanks for buttons.    Buttonmakers Birmingham
Heaton & Dugard Ltd, Shadwell St and Princio St. Birmingham 4,  rolled and drawn metal, chains, bent wire goods.  Part of Delta Metal Group by 1946.  Marks He-Hn
Thomas Hill, 33, Hampton Street, Birmingham, brassfounder   18/07/1904            
Joseph Hinks made oil lamps and similar products.                            Lamp Makers
Hinks, Wells Ltd.?  C1910?    Hink(s) Buckingham Street, Birmingham, steel pen manufacturers. (Slaters 1852).                                                               
Hockley Lamp & Limelight, later moved out to Wales from Hockley Plate & Metal Co., Ltd., 212 Barr St., Birmingham B19, (1950s) hearth furniture, now making reproduction miners’ lamps.                                                                                       Lamp Makers
Rowland Hodges, 12, Frederick Street, Birmingham, hinges and cabinet brassware. C1900.                                                                                                                Marks Ho-Hz
Henry James Hookham & Sons , 174 & 175 Charles Henry Street, (K1900) , R Hookham Ltd., Sandy Lane, Birmingham B10, spinners, marine supplies,  Koomah™          Marks Ho-Hz
Stuart Houghton The brand was originally established in 1845 as George Tibbins of Birmingham. It became Stuart Houghton Ltd. in 1969 and was based in Ledbury. Marks Ho-Hz
Howes & Burley Ltd, 20-34 Bishop Street, 1918, Birmingham. Blow lamps         Marks Ho-Hz
James C Hudson Ltd., William Street Works, 39 and 40 West Street Birmingham , later lock and hinge manufacturers. c1890.                                                    
Joseph Hudson & Co., 11, Barr Street, whistle maker.                         
Hukin & Heath  silver, silver plate manufacturers set up 1855 by William Hukin and John Thomas Heath, by 1881 also with J H Middleton.  Closed 1953.          
IMI Kynoch  (Imperial Metal Industries)                                            Producers
Charles Isles & Gomms Ltd. Makers of thimbles, more information welcome.    Marks I J
Henry Jenkins & Sons, Unity Works,  40, Vittoria St., Birmingham, B1, stampers and spinners from before 1910 till after 1950.                                            Marks I J
John Jewsbury  and Co. Ltd., 71, Broad St., also Soho Works, Western Road, Birmingham, cabinet brassware and brassfounders see:          Pearson Page-JewsburyPeerage
Jollyware Reproductions, Alfred Jolly & Son, 30, Ludgate Hill, and 179 Bradford Street, Birmingham, B12, jugs , warming pans, biscuit barrels, tea caddies, trays, horse brasses and gongs.                                                                                                     Marks I J
Jones & Willis, Porchester St, Birmingham 19.  from c1851.  Took over the Birmingham Guild of Handicraft.                                                                               Marks I J
A E Jones, 27, Pemberton Street, Birmingham,  art coppersmith. Introduced ‘Ruskin’ cabouchons made at the local pottery.  Book – ‘A Edward Jones Master Silversmith of Birmingham’ by Arthur Sutton. (1980)                                                 Marks I J
Cyril Jones, 59, Caroline St. Birmingham, mentioned by Hornsby p49 as taken over by Jewsbury in 1930s.                                                                                 Marks I J
John Jones & Co., 54 Summer Row, Birmingham.  Influential good designs during the arts and crafts period but maker's mark not found so far.  They did protect their best candlesticks with Rd No 513054 in 1908.                                              
Archibald Kenrick & Sons Ltd., Spons Lane, West Bromwich.          A Kenrick & Co.
Thomas Kendrick,  Summer Works, Summer Lane, Birmingham.  Brass door handles, c1890.                                                                                                      
E R Kimpton, 23, Summer Row, Birmingham, merchant.  Name encircling a stag device and the words 'trade mark'.                                                                     
King’s Norton Metal Company, Birmingham, rolling mills for copper, brass and other alloy strip for the Royal Mint and others, later taken over by IMI (Imperial Metal Industries).  'KN™' trade mark.                                                              
Kirby Beard & Co Penhurst Works, Bradford St. Birmingham, needlecases.         
Kynoch Ltd., Lion Works, Witton, Birmingham formed part of Imperial Metal Industries (IMI). Lamp Makers
L & T - unknown mark under a thin copper jug of 1930-1960s            
Lawden and Poole, Hope Works, 170 & 172 New Town Row Birmingham B6 and 46 and 47 Theodore Street, 17, Dale End, later Angelina St. Birmingham.     Marks L
Lea and Perrins, chandelier manufactures, Midland Works, Bracebridge Street, Birmingham. 30/08/1902.                                                                       
William Lee, 11 and 13 Castle Street, Birmingham, candlestick makers.    
Lee & Wilkes, Ltd Brewery Street, New Town Row, Birmingham, coppersmiths and spinners including good copper moulds, see Wilkes                            E V Wilkes
Leslie & Co., 284, Witton Road, Aston, Birmingham.  Now part of Leslie Group, 198-202 Waterloo Rd Yardley, Birmingham B25 8LD with Bailey Gill.          Marks L
W. OLewis, Birmingham, buttons.                                                     Buttonmakers Birmingham
Lightwood & Son, Price St., St Mary’s Birmingham.                           
B Lilly & Sons 54 to 62 Bars St. Birmingham 19 (in 1946) architectural & cabinet brassfoundry.                                                                                          Marks L
S Lilley & Sons Ltd., 80 Alcester St. (1930), then 29, Alcester St., Birmingham 12. Cabinet and architectural brassware.                                                                  Marks L
Linley & Co. Ltd., 73, 75c Great Lister Street, ‘American’ pattern lamps, later Linley Engineering Co., Ltd.  Nechells Park Works, Eliot St. Birmingham (1950)            
Linton Metalware, Sparkbrook, Birmingham.                                     Marks L
John Linwood, 57, St. Paul’s Square, Birmingham, tea urn and spitjack manufacturers.                                                                                                                 Marks L
Lloyd Pascal & Co. Victory Works, 6A, Aston Road, Birmingham, (1919), 303 Bloomsbury Street (K1930), then 71-74 Ford Street, Birmingham 18   Elpec trade name, Hockley, (Jewellery Quarter) Birmingham, then Cherry Wood Road.  Antique and reproductions.  Household and souvenir brassware, 1900s-60s.   Trade name lapsed in 1972.  Catalogue in Birmingham City library is 1950 1950 reprint of late 1930s with forward regarding the introduction of purchase tax.                             Elpec Brass
Robert Lloyd Crosbie & Co., The Globe Foundry, Charlotte Street, Birmingham, brass bedsteads with trade mark of compasses over a globe.  c1873.             
Loach & Clark, 20-25, Essington Street, Birmingham.  General and cabinet brassfounders.  Pattern for a picture moulding hook.  20/4/1886.        Marks L
Lombard™’., Derricourt Brassware Ltd., Great Tindale Street, Birmingham 16                                                                                                                Marks L
Lucas, Joseph Lucas & Sons, Great King Street, Birmingham, (previously Harry Lucas).                                                                                                                Lamp Makers A
Lutwyche's Manufactory -                                                                      
Robert Mansell ( - Booth) 9-10, Whittall Street, Birmingham.  Cabinet handle – part cast, part stamped.                                                                                           
Mansill Booth & Co. Ltd., Cape Hill, Smethwick, hot brass pressings and forgings.   Became Elkington Mansill Booth Ltd. in 1920. Took over J W Singer & Sons Ltd in 1949.  Taken over by Delta Metal Company.  Company believed wound up in 2006.                                                                                                                 
Herbert Mason and Company, Henrietta Street, Birmingham Art Metal Workers  Polished brass lamp.  Rd Des 58531 – 2                                                               
F and H Matchett, 21, George Street, Parade, Birmingham, brass and iron founders.  Rd Des 03/09/1902                                                                                       
W M Mc Geoch Ltd, 46, Coventry Road, Birmingham, B10, and in Glasgow, electrical accessories especially marine and ship’s foundrymen.                        Marks M
McKechnie Bros., Rotton Park St., then Aldridge. Brass rod and stampings.                                                                                                                 McKechnie Bros
RM Manufacturing & Engineering Co. Ltd  On the 18th May 1950  they were taken over by Samuel Heath & Sons.  Heaths incorporated the RM™ brand into their range of products.                                                                                                 Samuel Heath & Sons
Mandarin Ware’ A J Harrison, 2a Lozells Street, Birmingham 19.  Trade Mark lapsed 1950                                                                                                        Marks M
Marples & Beasley, button makers.                                                      
Martineau & Smith, 65, Hill Street, Birmingham, Cock founders (1875)  then Martinsmith, Holloway Head then Sutton Coldfield, manufacturers of sprayers.     Marks M
Martineau, Beames & Madley Ltd, by 1929 Martineau & Smith, steam fittings, Holloway Head, brass cock founders & general manufacturers, bell founders.    
Harry Mason, Birmingham, cockmakers, Trade mark ‘Veribest™’, more information welcome.                                                                                                Marks M
Mason and Lawley, Birmingham, cockmakers listed from 1800, then continuing as Samuel Mason Ltd., to become specialists in bar equipment and being taken over by Gaskell and Chambers c1925. The brand name was retained in use.                        
May and Padmore (M & P)  120, Leopold St., Birmingham, brassfounders, door springs and cabinet furniture.                                                                             May & Padmore
Messenger and Phipson  (Chapman 1800).                                           
Messenger & Sons, Hall Field House, Edgbaston, Birmingham, S1852      
Messenger & Sons. Birmingham, candelabra, lamps and gas fittings.   Samuel S Messenger, Gloucester Place, Alston Street, Ladywood, Birmingham  (Jones 1865)                                                                                                                  Lamp Makers A
Midland Lighting Co., 7, Corporation Street, Stanhope St. and Leopold Street, Birmingham manufacture the ‘Lampe Belge’                                                            Lamp Makers A
John Minchin, 125, Upper Tower Street, Birmingham, brass founder, stamper & piercer. (Stacy 1852)                                                                                            
H W Miller, 116&118 Branston St., Birmingham, 18, badges             Buttonmakers Birmingham
J S M & Co., Birmingham,  buttons                                                     Buttonmakers Birmingham
Moffat’s, makers of patent candlesticks in Birmingham & Scotland, with their patent ejectors. In the 1835 directory, James Moffatt is at 11, Court, Thomas Street, Birmingham, tinplate worker.                                                                                      Marks Me-Mz
M. Mole and Son  51-54 Charlotte Street Birmingham  Finger Plate., c1890.         
Monitor Engineering & Oil Appliances Ltd., Monitor Works, Redhill Road, Hay Mills, Birmingham, making stoves & blowlamps.                                          Marks Me-Mz
Moorgate (Birmingham) Ltd., 84-5 Ryland Road, Birmingham, B15, maker of ‘Gunga Din™’ Products. 1930s/1950s., company name dissolved July 1986.         Marks Me-Mz
Moreton & Foster unknown maker's name on a chamberstick.           
Morewood & Co., Woodford Iron Works, Soho, Birmingham, then  Edmund St., Birmingham, in hands of successors by 1904, steel fabricators, cast brass trivet and ashtray.                                                                                                                Marks Me-Mz
Morton & Crowder, 31&33 St George’s Place (K1900), then 208-232, Brearly Street, Birmingham, buttons, imitation jewellery studs, cuff links.                Buttonmakers Birmingham
G F Muntz of Water Street, Birmingham, wire drawers, rolling mills (1829)         
Muntz’s Metal Co., Ltd., French Walls Works, Alma Street, Smethwick, Staffordshire.  (1829)                                                                             Muntz Metal Co
G F & P H Muntz, Lister Street, Birmingham, metal rollers.  (c1846).      Muntz Metal Co
George Henry Muntz & Phillip Henry Muntz, Water Street & French Walls, near Birmingham, metal rollers, manufacturers of patent yellow metal for sheathing ships. (Stacy 1852)                                                                                           Muntz Metal Co
P H Muntz & Co (Yellow Metal), 8, Bath Street, Birmingham (1873)       Muntz Metal Co
M Myers and Son – vesta  James Myers, 13, Coleshill Street, Birmingham (1900)            
M Myers & Son, 99 Charlotte Street, Birmingham, manufacturers of steel pens.   
W J Myatt – name on special small razors.                                          
Mysto™, W T French and Son, (William Thomas French) St Mary St. Ladywood, Birmingham, makers of garden sprays, etc.                                          Marks Me-Mz
F. Narborough, 42, Lombard St,. Birmingham 12, sticks, canes, button sticks and electroplating.                                                                                        Marks N
William Frederick Needham, Branston Street, sole licensee and manufacturer of Plant & Perry’s patent resonating gongs.                                                            
'Nestor™' see Henry Pratt.                                                                   Marks N
'New Hudson', St George’s Works, Icknield Street,  cycle maker.       
Newey Bros. Ltd                                                                                   Buttonmakers Birmingham
Neville, Druce & Co., Aitken Chambers, 1, Cannon Street, Birmingham.  Copper smelters c1900 with works in South Wales, later wire drawers, taken over by Delta Metal Co. Ltd.                                                                                                                 
Newton & Minchew Ltd., of Ernest Street, Holloway Head, Birmingham, 3, Horse Fair, Birmingham  (K1903) shopfitters’ brassfounder.  Bought out by Pearson Page.    Peerage
Newton Shakespeare & Co, Garrison Lane, Birmingham B 9, sheet metal workers, founded by Rupert Grosvenor Newton.  Trade mark ‘Garrison’.         Marks N
NM – unknown mark on copper chamberstick, more information welcome.          Marks N
Norseman Reproductions,  Robert Normansell Ltd, Exeter Street, Birmingham 1 ,                                                                                                                Marks N
William Oldbury ('WO™' Buttons 1900)  100 New John Street, Birmingham.                                                                                                                Buttonmakers Birmingham
Parker-Hale, Birmingham. Founded in 1880s, became Parker-Hale in 1936, and subsequently P-H Arms Co. in 1940.                                                    Marks O P
Parker Winder & Achurch Ltd., Beehive Foundry, Brewery Street, Birmingham B41  Maker of heavy duty door locks, stoves and safes.                      Marks O P
Josiah Parkes & Sons Ltd., Union Street, Willenhall, founded c1840, taken over by Chubb & Son plc in 1965. Union™ Locks.                                                      Marks O P
S Parkes & Sons, Birmingham, rolled gold goods.                              Marks O P
Parry & Bott Ltd   Birmingham, spirit levels.  (Possibly connected with Joseph Taylor Bott of Falcon Works, Glover St., maker of brass bedsteads c1900).  Marks O P
Richard Pearson, 17, Court, Price Street, Birmingham, brass founder. (Stacy 1852)          
J R Pearson, 63-69 Burlington Street, Aston and 34 Porchester Street B19 2JY. Architectural metalware manufacturers established 1878, probably as Sherrif & Pearson of 30½ High Street and 18a Bromsgrove Street, Birmingham.                Marks O P
Pearson & Page, 57, St Paul’s Square Birmingham (K1900) then 10-12 Cecil Street (K1903), Sherlock Street *1929( later Pearson Page Jewsbury, then Peerage, manufacturers of reproduction and original copper and brassware during 1910s-1930s.  Production was not generally marked and was intended to be good quality period reproductions.        Peerage
Pearson Page Jewsbury Co Ltd., Soho Works, Westwood Works, Westwood Road, Witton, Birmingham 6, (1946) (not to be confused with Boulton’s Soho Manufactory.  Jewsbury was originally founded 1883 as a family firm and there were still five members of the family as directors in 1950.                                 Peerage
Pearson, Page, Newton & Minchew Ltd., of Ernest Street, Holloway Head, Birmingham, 3, Horse Fair, Birmingham  (K1903) shopfitters’ brassfounder.          Peerage
Peerage™ Brass Successor to Pearson Page brand name from 1945 but realistically from c1951s onwards.  Now at Sharston Road, Wythenshaw, Manchester M22 but possibly not trading.                                                                                                  
Peerless Stampings, Priory Road, Aston, Birmingham, B6.                 
Period Brass Co., 2,3 & 60 Graham Street, Birmingham, 1950s. cabinet and reproduction brassware.                                                                                               Marks O P
J W Pickavant & Co Ltd, Apkoway Works, Bow Street and 41, Frederick Street, Birmingham B1, ‘Quicko’ brand, sheet metal components and motor accessories including bulb cases 1930’s – 1950s.                                                                    Marks O P
J E & H Player, Birmingham drawer handle.                                       
Powell and Hanmer, P & H Ltd., Dartmouth Street (K1900) then Chester Street, Aston Manor, Birmingham, lamps, especially for cycles and cars.                Marks O P
William Potts, 16, Easy Row, Birmingham, manufacturer of lamps, chandeliers and brass founders.  At the Great Exhibition of 1851 their exhibits included a clock stand, 4 & 10-light candelabrum. Stacy 1852.                                                              
Henry Pratt,  ‘Nestor™’ Nestor Works, Dean St Birmingham 5       Marks O P
E Preston (& Sons from c1880), (Edward Preston) Whittal Works, Whittall Street, Birmingham., carpenters’ tools.                                                            Marks O P
Josiah Pumphry, Newtown Row, Birmingham (CK1829) then 25, Hick Street, Birmingham, foundry making fire furniture and brackets.                                         Marks O P
J Rabone & Sons, 7, Bath Street, toy maker, (S1780), then Hockley Abbey Works, Whitmore Street, Hockley, Birmingham, tool and instrument maker based near the Jewellery Quarter.                                                                                   
Rainsford & Lynes, 113, 115, 117 & 119 Emily St., Holloway Head, Birmingham, hot stampings.                                                                                              Marks Q R
Randell's patent brass chamberstick, 19th century.  Birmingham maker unknown as yet.  
J F Ratcliffe (Metals) Ltd, 52, Water Street, then New Summer St., Birmingham B19 and Ratcliffs (Great Bridge), Tipton, Staffordshire, both making rolled metal products including copper radiator foil.  Previously there had been other family involvement, John Ratcliffe, Cannon Street (1818), John Ratcliffe, St Paul’s Square (K1829), Joseph & Edmund Ratcliffe (W1846), Joseph Ratcliffe (K1900)                        Marks Q R
J & C Ratcliff, Suffolk Street, Birmingham, brass founder (W1844) of Birmingham. 1842, mint.                                                                                                       Marks Q R
Regal Buttons, Regal Button Works, 52, Porchester St. Aston (1936) & Grosvenor Road, Birmingham.                                                                                          Buttonmakers Birmingham
Reeves & Co. Ltd.  Tenby St., Birmingham  1.  Crescent Works, Crescent, Birmingham (Kelly 1936)                                                                                            
Henry Riley, Constitution Hill, Birmingham, pianos, musical instruments and whistles    
Rippingills Albion Lamp Co., Ltd., Aston Road North, Birmingham, makers of lamps for domestic and road transport use. Some work contracted to G. Polkley Ltd. Albion™.        
P. Rogers & Co Birmingham,  then Rogers & Loach Ltd., 48, Green Street, Deritend (1929) weights                                                                                        
Charles Rowley & Co Ltd, 146-148 High Street, Bordesley Birmingham B12.  Stampers, piercers and makers of eyelets.                                                              
Rose Copper Co.                                                                                     
Rowley Walker Ltd, Allesley Road, Birmingham B6, architectural and builders metalwork.                                                                                                                 
 John Russell & Co., Brookfields, St Paul’s Sq., then New Spring Street, Birmingham, (K1900) chandelier and brass works, gas fittings.  Anchor trade mark (upright)     
Henry Ryland, Snow Hill, Birmingham tea urn manufacturers.  (W1835)  
Ryland and Alder, 38&39 Ryland Street, Birmingham, Candlestickmaker. (c1900).          
GWS & S  burners, picnic kettles   These picnic kettles have been said to be made for retailers in Regent Street but no trace has been found in directories for Regent Street itself for 1911, 1925, 1929 & 1936.  Information welcome.                          Marks S
SHS Co – see Samuel Heath Sons and Co.                                          Samuel Heath & Sons
Salt & Lloyd At the Great 1851 Exhibition of 1851 exhibited a candelabra, gas lamps and a chandelier.                                                                                               
Thos C Salt, Bay Cottage, Garbett Street, Birmingham, brassfounders. (Slaters 1852).  Ref Salt book.                                                                                                
Salter, G & Co George Salter, scale and balance makers of West Bromwich, near Birmingham, 19th/20th centuries. Now part of Avery Berkel Group.   Marks S
Thomas Sanders, 187 Darwin Street, Birmingham, brassfounder.  (Slaters 1852) Marks S
Thomas Sanders, 14, Bird’s Buildings, Broad Street, Islington, Birmingham, brassfounder.  (also Slaters 1852)                                                          
Sanbra Ltd., Sanbra Works, Aston Hall Road, Birmingham 6., plumbers brassware.         
J B S & S   Buttons - identity unknown as yet.                                      
H T Shakespeare, 441-3 Moseley Road, Birmingham B12, sheet metal workers.  
Sherwoods, manufacturers of oil lamps and burners in Birmingham. By 1904 they were trading as Sherwood Isaac & Son Ltd., but by 1920 they had taken over Linley & Co. of 73-75 Great Lister Street, ‘American’ pattern lamps to become Sherwood-Linley. Nechells Park Works, Eliot Street, Nechells then moved to 44-50, Granville St.       Marks S
Alfred Shirley Ltd., 82, Unett Street Birmingham, general brassfounders, then 83, Clifford Street, Birmingham B19, hearth furniture, Hecla™ hot water bottles. By 1946 at 35, Woodfield Road, Birmingham 14, then 83 Clifford St., Lozells Birmingham 10 in 1950                                                                                                                Marks S
Edwin Showell & Sons, Ltd., Stirchley Brass Foundry, Charlotte Road, Birmingham, founded c1830 and manufactured door springs and architectural brassware. They were taken over by Josiah Parkes & Sons in 1956.                                      Marks S
Joseph Showell and Company, Florence Street, Holloway Head, Birmingham, bush of padlock., c1890.                                                                                     Marks S
A. Schrader & Son, division of Scovill Manufacturing Co., 829 Tyburn Road, Erdington, Birmingham B24, makers of pneumatic equipment – and hot water bottle.             
John Simcox, Bread Street, Birmingham, plater.  (PR1780)                 
Simcox, Pemberton & Sons, 43, Livery Street, Birmingham.  At the Great Exhibition of 1851 their exhibits included a curtain band, bell pull, Elizabethan curtain band, door handle and cornice and curtain ornaments. (Stacy 1852,  1851 Exhibition p154 )   
Simplex Mfg Co, Alexandra Works, 28, Heneage St., Birmingham, stamping, piercing.  (Ryland 1894)                                                                         
I & D Smallwood Ltd., (Isaac & David Smallwood) Leopold Street, Birmingham, B12, hand tools including spirit levels.  Previously John Smallwood had been making coach brasses in Fordrough Street (K1829)                                                     Marks S
James Srawley, 116, Branston Street, Birmingham, later Srawley Browett Co, (K1900) ornamental coal vase hinges and handles.    Regd Design 27/07/1887  
G W Smart & Co., Sherbourne Road, Birmingham.  Hearth furnishers.      
Frederick Smith & Sons, Waterloo Works, 44, Princip Street, Birmingham, plumbers brassware and candlestick makers with a trade mark of a thistle centred within FS & Co.   There may be a connection with the later firm by the same name of Anaconda Works, Salford ?                                                                                                 Marks S
Smith & Davis Ltd, Beacon Works, Friar Park Road, Wednesbury, Staffs  using ‘Beacon™’ and ‘Beaconite™’ trade marks.                   Marks S
Smith and Wright Ltd., 176, 178 &180, Brearly Street, Birmingham 19, buttons, whistles.                                                                                                                 
Smith, Kemp & Wright Ltd. Birmingham. Founded in 1840s. they made Other Ranks brass buttons of the pre-1871 patterns. They became part of Firmin & Sons in the early 20th century.                                                                                           Buttonmakers Birmingham
Soho Manufactory, Birmingham – see Matthew Boulton.                    
William Soutter & Sons Co,  (SW&S)  Hicks & Soutter, New Market Street, tea urn manufacturers (1816) then as   William Soutter & Sons Co.,– (Soutterware) -  10, 11 and 12, New Market St, Birmingham, tea urn manufacturers (W1835),   (J1867) , then rear of 359, Farm St. Hockley, Birmingham.  Originally brass founders, brazier, spinner and tea urn manufacturer and plumbers’ brassware (1865s), then quality copper and brass art metal hollowware.  Ceased trading c1929.                                                      William Soutter & Sons Co.  (Soutterware)
Sperryn & Co, Ltd, Moorson Street.                                                    Marks S
Norman & Ernest Spittle B'ham  Brass Arts & Crafts Tudor Rose Dish.   Marks S
Spraygen™ -  see R Harris (Brassfounders) Ltd.                                 Marks H
James Srawley,  116, Branston Street.                                                 Marks S
Stainton and Hulme                                                                               Marks St-Sz
Stratton,  Bromsgrove St., Birmingham.                                               
Francis Styche, Whittall Street c1803-1809                                          
Swan Brand - Bulpitts                                                                           Marks St-Sz
William Suckling, 35, Albion Street, Birmingham, electro-plate and gong manufacturers see Rd Des 281240 of 30/8/1896.                                                                 
Sun Engraving Co.  White House, 111 New Street, process engravers in copper. (1926 Kelly on.)                                                                                                
HT & S (Sons) – Made in England, mark on late 19th.century candlestick. Marks T
Tamco – Talboys Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Tame Road Witton, Birmingham 6., sheet metal workers, 1950s., dissolved 1994.                                                 Marks T
Edwin Taylor, 1 & 2 Pemberton Street, Worstone Lane, Birmingham, stampers and piercers, 7th February 1903.                                                                   
Thomas Taylor,  4 Court, Staniforth St., Birmingham, Sovereign balance maker  1829-56.                                                                                                                 
Taylor & Challen, Derwent Foundry, Livery St., Constitution Hill, Birmingham 19, Brass minting machinery.                                                                                Marks T
Taylor and Thomas, Empire Works, Great Tindal Street, Birmingham, ‘T & T’ mark. Townshend & Co. Ltd.
W H Thomas, 74, Ford St., Hockley, Birmingham, bedstead ornaments, buttons and stampings. Trademark was a cluttered diagonal cross.                         Marks T
 E Thomason, manufactory, Church St., Birmingham. Jeweller, silversmith, glass cutter, plater and manufacturer of plated wares.  Sir Edward Thomason was a silversmith and plater in competition with Matthew Boulton at the end of the 17th century.  His firm were also listed as making patent carriage steps, gun locks, cork screws, swordcases, etc.  1816, W1835.                                                                                                   Marks T
Samual Timmins & Co, 55 Great Hampton Street, Birmingham, brassfounders. C1900. Their trade mark was a shield round ‘sT’ monogram.                          Marks T
William Tonks and Sons (WT&S), 3, Hill Street, woodscrew maker (S1770) then 43 Deritend, steel toy maker (PR1780), then asBedington & Tonks (W1846) Cheapside, then 291 Moseley Street, Birmingham making cast and wrought products. The Tonks surname is in the lists of Birmingham brassfounders before the 1800s. Joseph Tonks, 5, Steelhouse Lane, brassfounder (Wrightson, 1835).  By 1869 Tonks had developed the eight-pointed ‘sun’ trade mark.                                                                                    William Tonks & Sons
Mary Ann Townshend, 164, Tennant Street, Cabinet brassfounder.    
Townshend & Co Ltd (T & Co), Earnest St, Holloway Head, Birmingham, quality foundry and domestic metalwork such as tableware for up-market retailers. This market may not have revived after the 1914-18 war as by 1926 they were listed as only makers of electrical heating appliances and by 1935-46 for shop display fittings.              Townshend & Co. Ltd.
Townsend & Thompson, mentioned by Hornsby p 278 as mid c19th  ( until c1890)          
John Townshend, 66 Newtown Row, brass founder (Wrightson 1835)        
Townshend & Longmore, Bread Street, Newhall, brassfounders (PR1780)            
Townson & Coxson, Alliance Works, Essington Street, Birmingham, gas fittings, Burmos™ stoves and blowlamps.                                                         Marks T
John Turner & Co., Birmingham.  J.T. & Co.  initials used until 1820 when the company name changed  (ack. Julia Morgan).                                                       
Thos & J S Turner Ltd, Fisher Street, Birmingham, amalgamated with E. Camelinat & Co.                                                                                                           
William Twigg & Co., 25 Legge Lane (1903), 11, Warstone Parade East, Birmingham 18.  (in 1946)                                                                                           
UWW  Universal Wood Working Co., of Newhall Hill, (not far from Elkingtons) wood and fancy wares. 'UWW'Mark found on rolling parallels for navigation map work.      
Union Copper Co., Birmingham.                                                           
United Wire Works (Birmingham) Ltd, Adderley Street, Birmingham, B9.  The business was transferred to the main factory in Edinburgh and the works taken over by Delta Metal Co Ltd.                                                                                                     
Usher, Vittoria Road, Birmingham.                                                       
Valor Co., Ltd., 67,69-72 Church Street- stampers and pieces. (1901), later the ‘The Valor Co.’, Aston Brass Co., Wood Lane, Bromford, Birmingham, makers of oil lamps and stoves.                                                                                                     Lamp Makers S
Vaughtons Ltd.  135 Constitution Hill, Birmingham, maker of badges and medals.                              Buttonmakers Birmingham
Veritas Efsca Works, 84&5 Edward Street Parade, Birmingham (Falk Stedelmann Proprietors by K1926)                                                                           Veritas
Vivian & Son  Ingot mark of the copper works in Swansea set up by the early copper entrepreneur, John Vivian. H H Vivian & Co., 46 George Street, St. Pauls, Birmingham, made semi-fabricated copper and brass in the early 19th century at Icknield Port Road Works. See ‘Vivian and Sons, 1809-1924.                                            Producers
O W Buttons  Possibly William Oldbury?, 109-110 New John St., Birmingham 6.                              Buttonmakers Birmingham
Joseph Walker & Co.,  Regent Parade, Birmingham, then Augusta Works, 19/21 Warstone Lane, Birmingham, brassfounders, trivets, stands, figural candlesticks, castings, syringes, stampings, lock furniture, JW/B trademark.                          Marks W
Thomas Walker Ltd, St Paul’s Square, Birmingham, a buckle. c1910.       
Walther and Woodwood, Legge Lane Birmingham, brassfounders  31-Jan-1901   
Clive Waters, brassfounder in Birmingham until c1910.  The mark is on the underside of a superbly cast brass card tray that also carries the 1897 Design Registration number of 327976.                                                                                                   Marks W
Weba, Webaware, Gomm Manufacturing Co., Ltd., 56 Hockley Hill, Birmingham B 18.  Mid 20th century production.  The Trade Mark lapsed in 1950.    Marks G
Welco – oil lamp burners – information needed.                                   
Wellens Ware mid 20th century hand wrought trays. More information welcome. Marks W
Wells Brothers Rea Street South, Birmingham.  Reg. Des. for Fender pattern        
Westbury & Griffiths, 78 & 80 Lombard St., Birmingham.  Spirit kettle manufacturers.  K1936                                                                            
S B Whitfield and Company Limited, Watery Lane, Birmingham, metallic bedstead manufacturer  Rd Des 04/09/1902                                                          
Wilcox and Pitman, Henrietta Street, Birmingham    129937 – 9  29/1/1895           
C. E. Wilkins, Bartholomew Road, Birmingham.  Adria Place (1929).  This mark found under a pressed copper ashtray.  More details welcome.  Wilkins, Charles – see Handley & Wilkins 63, Phillip’s St, Aston Brook. (1903)                                      Marks W-Z
Villiers & Wilkes (Wholesale) Ltd., Moor Street, Birmingham, Braziers.  c1816. E V Wilkes
Wilkes, Edward Villers, (EVW), Lower Priory (K1829 on)                E V Wilkes
Wilkins & Wright, 50, Kenyon Street, Birmingham, chains and stamped brassfoundry.  (c1900)                                                                            
T. Wilkinson & Co. 13, Gt Hampton Street, Birmingham, c1835, 4-light candelabrum, tea-urn and decorative items. (1851 Exhibition p122)                                 
John Wilkes Sons & Mapplebeck Ltd., Adderly Street, Birmingham, rolled metals, wire & file manufacturers K1914.                                                                      
Williams and Gray, St Paul’s Square, Birmingham. Spirit kettle,  Buttons,  (Check Williams 168, 170 & 172 Hockley St.)                                                  
Williams Bros & Co. of River St., Deritend, Birmingham, brassfoundry and fittings. Their Trade Mark was the dagger with their WB initials across the bar seen to the right of the illustration.Williams Brothers and Piggott Limited,  Midland Tube Mills and Brassfoundry, Herbert Road, Small Heath, Birmingham.    14/03/1927      Marks W
Williams, Foster & Co & Pascoe Grenfell & Sons Ltd. Cobden Buildings, Corporation Street, Birmingham, copper smelters. (c1900)                                      
Winfield Bros. Ltd., 58 Tower St., Birmingham, metalworkers.         Marks W
R W Winfields Cambridge St.  Rolled metal, ornamental metallic tubes, brass foundry, gas fittings, lighting.  200-300 employees.                                                 Marks W
Winfields Rolling Mills Ltd (incorporating Dugard Brothers Ltd) Icknield Port Road, Birmingham B16                                                                                    Marks W
Winkworth – manufacture of electric bells for police, fire brigade etc 1920s-1950s. Address unknown as yet.                                                                        
Winn & Co., St Thomas Works, 140, Granville Street, Birmingham,  mark under a well made heavy bowl with lid and other items.                                           Marks W
Winward Co Ltd., 126, Villa Road Birmingham 19, spinners.            Marks W
Woolley & Co Birmingham button makers                                           
Wright & Butler390, New John St. W. Birmingham, oil lamps, 'The Union Burner'. By 1913 they had been taken over by Falk Veritas of London but use of the Trade name continued.                                                                                               Lamp Makers
Young’s Paraffin Light & Mineral Oil Co., New Spring Street, Birmingham. Lamps and lamp burners.                                                                                         Lamp Makers