Elkington and Co

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Elkington & Co., founded in Birmingham in the 1840s pioneering electroplate, electrotyping, Sheffield silver and other products.  Set up refinery to make their copper requirements.  There are several mentions on websites and in references. For silverware, their mark was that of a crown over 'E' & 'C' in a shield.  Their factory became Birmingham Museum of Science and Technology, now sadly closed.

Once it was silver plated but now down to the base metal, a cruet set made of brass and nickel silver base metals has some impressive details underneath.

 'E & Co.' in relief on a decorative copper tray that was probably once silver plated.


This mark and pattern number is on the reverse of an electrotype charger made with the superb detail for which the process is ideal.

The registration mark, for 1875, is on the front of the charger and shows a detail of the fine pattern.  It has much clearer detail than is seen elsewhere on the reverse of castings or the face of polished sheet. For details see Design Registration marks.



This mark is on a miniature saucepan, probably a promotional item.  The nickel vessel is copper cased for use during times when all good quality cookware was expected to be copper.  Being mainly nickel, it is magnetic.



Many papers relating to Elkington & Co. are lodged with the Victoria and Albert Museum Archive of Art & Design.