Sherwoods Ltd

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   Sherwoods Ltd., manufacturers of oil lamps and burners in Birmingham. 

sherwood lionIn 1904 they were trading as Isaac Sherwood & Son Ltd., at 44-50 Granville Street, Birmingham but by 1920 they had taken over Linley & Co. of 73-75 Great Lister Street, makers of ‘American’ pattern lamps to become Sherwood-Linley. Nechells Park Works, Eliot Street, Nechells then moved to 44-50, Granville St., all in Birmingham.






Mark on the flap of a pancake shaped heater for a food warmer.




sher picnic



 This stamp on the legs of a picnic kettle support.



sher button



Mark on wick winder button.




sher trees



   Mark on a fount holder.  This may be from modern reproduction products.