Kinco Tobaccanalia

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Many of the range of boxes shown separately and in the catalogue pages p14 and p21 were originally marketed for cigarettes but are now used for other purposes.

ash tray



An ash tray of good quality stamped from strong brass with an intricate etched pattern inlaid originally with black and red paint.  Unusually there are five cigarette rests. Catalogue ash trays.





Another example of the five-rest ash tray pressing but with a central column bearing a Scottish thistle emblem.






A set of four stacking individual ash trays for use at the card table.







Just one of the single ash trays set in a wooden mount and closely guarded by a miniature monkey. For more see page on animals.





A selection of match box cases.  These are simply formed from unetched brass sheet and decorated by a primitively cast bird or quadruped.




Other small dishes that lack cigarette rests are shown with the Kinco tableware. 







A tobacco jar of good quality with double lid design to prevent dryness.  (Photo Roy Millea).