Kinco Boxes

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The number of boxes produced by Kinco formed a considerable percentage of their output.  There were many different sizes, mostly available in a range of patterns.  They can now be used for any of a variety of good uses but probably most of them would have been intended to make attractive housing for the storage of cigarettes in good condition.  Here they are now well separated from the tobaccanalia page.


A small proportion of the Kinco boxes are like these, fitted with brass hasps that would have been only nominal strength.  The etched pattern is augmented by soldered patches and a chrome-plated finish was available instead of the usual lacquered brass.


















This is one of the larger boxes and is cedar lined, stands on brass bun feet and has a precision hinge at the rear with about 47 sections to it.  Interestingly, the dominant peacock motif is a very positive symbol in most places of the world but in a few country districts is said to bring bad luck!



The specification for this good quality smaller box is similar to the one above.  There are 35 sections to the precision hinge.  The detailing of the pattern is floral.




One of the top of the range brass boxes, this one is cedar lined and stands on four bun feet.  The raised decoration is applied and the etched pattern has an Egyptian theme and a filling of red and black colouring.



A box with an Egyptian pattern and a cedarwood lining.  It stands on brass button feet and is 90mm (3 1/2") square by 47mm (1 7/8") high.  Also available with other patterns.  (The hinge is not as bent as the photo seems to make out!)






A cylindrical cigarette box with distinctive coloured enamelled ends. Both blue and red colours were available.    85mm long x 35mm diameter  (3 1/2" long x 1 3/4" dia).