Kinco Big Tray

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Kinco Large Tray No 131

Attention to design detail by Kinco on a tray 24 x 8"  or 610 x 200mm

large tray

centre panel




The centre panel of this design is taken from three of the four sides of a stone pedestal that once supported an image of Maitreya, foretold as a future Buddhist Messiah. 

On the centre piece are two mythical lions guarding an incense urn.  The female figure emerging from a lotus supporting the tray is probably Sthavara the goddess of earth. 








The personage seen on the right hand side of the panel accompanied by two boys is the Governor of Wei H’Sien the modern Tai-Ming Fu, in the sixth year of the Cheng Kiang epoch of the Gilat Wei dynasty (524 A.D.).  He is followed by attendants holding an umbrella, banner, screens and other symbols of office, one is leading a horse laden with rolls of silk, another an ox harnessed to a cart. 







The intervals of the design are filled with conventional birds and flowers, the whole being surrounded by a band of coiled dragons.

No 131 KUR, code word RUH, Finish inlaid blue, black and red, price 25/-

  (From The 'Kinco' News, September 1926.)